Hippo Tops Ranking in Annual Top 100 e-Business Survey


The survey, published by trade publication Emerce, evaluates top performing enterprises in the fields of online business, IT, media and marketing. The evaluation criteria are a weighted combination of: knowledge and expertise, value for money, reliability and flexibility. The only open source CMS vendor in the commercial CMS category, Hippo took second place with a total score of 4.5 stars.

“We are pleased to see ourselves once again in the Emerce Top 100,” says Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer, CMO and co-founder of Hippo. “It is great that the market continues to recognize Hippo’s commitment to growth and innovation as the industry demands shift and expand. By relying on open source technology and open standards, we are able to provide businesses with the most flexible and agile systems to allow them to quickly and easily adapt to new markets and environments, meeting today’s complex business needs. By implementing our in-depth, data driven personalization capabilities, we are empowering businesses worldwide to create more relevant experiences for their customers, in turn keeping them on the leading edge of their industries.”


The full ranking (in Dutch) can be found on Emerce.


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