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Hippo launches Hippo CMS 7.9 with Advanced Channel Management, CKEditor, Secure Content Replication and SCXML Workflow

Most notable changes are Advanced Channel Management and the introduction of CKEditor, SCXML Workflows and Secure Content Replication. These functionality changes bring increased control over website navigation and content presentation into the hands of end-users, and enable developers to develop advanced workflow scenarios. By introducing a secure replication mechanism between delivery and authoring environments, Hippo CMS 7.9 adds an additional layer of security to content in staging and embargo phases. Moreover, the performance of the content repository and delivery tier of Hippo CMS have been further increased, strengthening Hippo’s position as one of the fastest Content Management Systems in the industry.


A few highlights of the new functionality:

•    With the Advanced Channel Management, business users can modify site menus from the Hippo CMS user interface without IT involvement. With Hippo’s drag and drop interface, marketers can quickly build dedicated (sub)home, landing and campaign pages.

•    The introduction of CKEditor as the new rich text field editor enhances usability through a wide range of new functionalities including intuitive context menus, configurable keyboard shortcuts, spell-check as you type and many more.

•    With Secure Content Replication, only published live content resides in the delivery repository. Any published content, layout or targeting rule change is replicated automatically, immediately and consistently from the authoring to the delivery zone. All inbound connections to the authoring zone can be rejected, making intrusion impossible.

•    Hippo CMS 7.9 introduces the open source Apache Commons SCXML 2.0 library and the W3C State Chart for XML (SCXML) standard specification to execute a workflow definition as a state machine. Also, workflows can be adjusted in a running system.

•    Introducing a streamlined document model in the repository tier and fast model reloading on the delivery tier to better accommodate implementations with a vast number of channels as well as frequent channel configuration changes have further optimized performance. Furthermore, memory usage of the delivery tier was reduced by an average of 30%.


‘Hippo CMS 7.9 brings improvements to IT and business users alike as they are both crucial for organizations looking to connect to their online audiences in the most relevant way,’ explains Arjé Cahn, CTO and co-founder of Hippo. ‘Advanced Channel Management removes IT bottlenecks from website management so that content managers can optimize their channel experiences easier and faster. When used in combination with Hippo CMS’ targeting and personalization capabilities, marketers can now enhance their campaign success with high-converting landing pages. With secure replication and SCXML workflows, the IT department can support the agile demands of the marketing department better and more easily. By letting both IT and Marketing focus on their strengths, and making that easier, with Hippo CMS 7.9 organizations should be able to optimize their value, offering the most relevant customer experience they can.’



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