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Aug 25, 2014

Hippo and Boston Interactive sign partnership to further expand digital success stories in the US

Hippo’s open source architecture, combined with its strength as a digital experience platform makes it an ideal partner for Boston Interactive as it extends its offerings in the sphere of content management. “We are thrilled to formalize our partnership with Hippo and expand our open source content management practice,” said Boston Interactive Founder and CEO, Chuck Murphy. “This relationship reflects our commitment to providing customers with the leading digital solutions and tools they need to keep up with the rapidly changing technology landscape.”

Boston Interactive’s expertise in web strategy, user experience and web development serve as excellent complements to Hippo’s strengths in content-driven digital experience. “Boston Interactive has a proven track record of delivering digital success stories which resonates with Hippo’s approach to our clients,” noted Hippo CEO Jeroen Verberg, “we’re proud to have their experience in multichannel web strategy within our network of global partners.” 

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