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ThiemeMeulenhoff: Passed its Final Exams

Next to publishing answers, the site has been the place to be to access rehearsal materials to all possible examined subjects and the place to go to for ordering an additional Examenbundel (exam preparation guides) or Samengevat (summaries of all examcourses) without any hassle. Checking the answers to your final exams is always a tense moment. Traditional rush hours for the website are between 3 and 6 o’clock in the afternoon. More than once, 10.000 visitors per minute got registered. Contrary to what one might expect, this has not slowed down the website at any point. A thorough preparation made it possible to keep the site running smoothly and fast. Together with Hippo, Thiememeulenhoff succeeded in integrating their Content Management System to a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Hippo's previous experience, working together with clients like Dolce & Gabbana in collaboration with Akamai, has made the delivery of a powerful solution possible. For ThiemeMeulenhoff Hippo decided to join forces with Fastly, a newbie in the field which Hippo has been testing very extensively.  
CEO Jeroen Verberg: “Often, we see organizations simply assuming things to be running just fine. And whilst executing a complex project, they discover that’s not the case. This kind of projects are very similar to taking a final exam. You should be able to deliver at peak moments; there is no room for random chance. And that means preparation and test runs are key."
ThiemeMeulenhoffs Commercial Chief Antionette de Ridder: “Choosing Hippo we made sure our infrastructure would work as expected on crucial moments like during the high school final examinations. That’s an essential precondition to the roll out of our digital strategy.”

Of course also during re-sit the graduates can access this powerful solution again to check their answers. For more information see:

About ThiemeMeulenhoff   
ThiemeMeulenhoff is the most well known educational mediaspecialist in the Netherlands. it delivers eductaional solutions for primary School, high school and secondary education and higher education. These solutions are developed working closely with the educationmarket and have a great influence on educational revenue and individual development of talent. Together with teachers and professors Thiememeulenhoff aims to get the best result out of every student. For more information:

About Hippo  
Hippo sets the standard for how organizations can bring real-time relevance to their audience and is the foundation for personalized communication across all channels: mobile, social and web. Our purpose is to facilitate innovation so our customers can create digital miracles. We serve our customers, by creating a platform that is fun to use, easy to implement and open for innovation.  

Our dedicated, Certified Partner Network delivers Hippo Awesomeness around the globe to our valued customers. Hippo is proud to serve organizations such as Autodesk, Bell Aliant, the Dutch Police, Weleda, University of Maryland and Crédit Agricole.

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