Hippo’s new partnership with BLUETRADE enhances the Smarter Commerce Experience

As Forrester Research revealed in the 2013 Commerce Wave Report, retailers are increasingly having to respond to changes in customer expectations, as well as to the growing importance of online, mobile and social interactions, in order to satisfy customer requirements across all interfaces.Digital content is needed to manage these interfaces. Hippo has therefore entered into partnership with the IBM partner BLUETRADE. Together both companies will develop integrated solutions to enable a comprehensive fulfilment of customer requirements for online retailers. 

BLUETRADE is a German company with headquarters in Cologne. The company’s focus is on the development of IBM ecommerce solutions. BLUETRADE’s clear mission here is to develop ecommerce with the market leader.

The partnership with Hippo benefits both parties. Ecommerce platforms incorporating the entire customer experience will be developed as a result of collaboration. Joubin Rahimi, BLUETRADE Managing Director, commented, “Today ecommerce platforms have to be consistent across all individual channels. For this, a simple and well structured usability is required in order to optimize use of communication channels.  To implement this customer centred approach we need both an outstanding ecommerce platform and an opportunity for the universal application of digital content. IBM coined the term “Smarter Commerce”- we are certain that we can create a particularly Smarter Experience in our work with Hippo”. 

Jeroen Verberg, Hippo CEO, agrees with this statement, “We are delighted about the partnership with BLUETRADE. The company has proven that it is among the market leaders for IBM ecommerce platforms.  We have observed a huge leap forward from the catalogue style webshop through to the holistic integration of a wide variety of channels. IBM and Hippo technologies work hand in hand here. We think it’s great to have a partner in BLUETRADE who are tracking the shift to multichannel trading so closely.”


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