Hippo reports strong revenue growth outside home regions

In 2012 Hippo reported a 32% revenue growth compared to a year earlier. This was achieved mainly outside the home region, due to the expansion of the global partner network. Outside the Benelux sales grew by 234% in EMEA. Sales in the US, where Hippo already has had offices for more than five years, grew by 55%.

Additionally, Hippo’s growth has been accompanied by a number of awards – with the company receiving eight national and international awards in 2012. This includes the Red Herring award for most innovative company, two Stevie awards and being named National Champion at the European Business Awards.

“Our tremendous growth and the honors we’ve received speaks to the importance of context and content in the digital marketing equation,” said Jeroen Verberg, CEO of Hippo. “Consumers increasingly expect targeted, relevant experiences across every digital channel. Content itself is no longer king. It has given up the throne to contextually tailored content that is managed and delivered as a completely personalized experience.”

The company doubled its partner network in 2012 and now has partners in six of the seven continents. Hippo’s uniqueness in the market – being an open source enterprise system that helps deliver relevant customer experiences – has also interested a wide array of new agency partners. The opportunity for them is the ability to deliver personalized information for their clients through the web, mobile and social. The open architecture of Hippo CMS is crucial for Enterprise environments. It can shape the perfect customer journey by integrating it with existing CRM, ERP and eCommerce Solutions.

As Daniel Barl, CEO of comSysto said, “we really focus on usability and the targeted nature of content. Hippo CMS is such a perfect fit for these types of solutions. We’re excited to be working with such a great team of Java professionals”.

The company expects similar growth in 2013. Hippo is expanding its investments in R&D with 60% in 2013 and will continue to improve the agency experience with co-marketing and sales programs. Growth will come from high growth markets such as the US, UK, France, Germany and Canada.

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