Hippo Announces Record Growth

Hippo enjoyed a 60% growth in the first half of 2012 as compared to the same period last year. This half-year growth represents the highest in the company’s history and the outlook for the next quarters is very positive.

Hippo is honored that much of this record growth comes from an ever-increasing partner network of agencies and systems integrators. With the addition of new partners this last three months – the company now has development and integration partners in more than 20 countries and on six of the seven continents. Daniel Barl, CEO of Hippo partner comSysto reflected the spirit of the partnerships when he recently said “we really focus on usability and the targeted nature of the content. Hippo CMS is a perfect fit for these types of solutions – and we’re very excited to be working with such a great team of Java professionals.”

“We are extraordinarily pleased at our progress both internationally, as well as across different vertical segments,” said Jeroen Verberg, CEO at Hippo. “This is truly a testament to how dedication to open source and open standards is powering innovation in the enterprise. We spent a full two years in 2008 and 2009 rebuilding both the product and the company with a focus on improving each and preparing them for growth. It’s great to see this strategy paying off.”

About Hippo
Hippo sets the standard for how organizations can bring real-time relevance to their audience and is the foundation for personalized communication across all channels: mobile, social and web.
Hippo’s software is open and build on enterprise standards. Our solutions help businesses to manage their brands in multiple countries, in multiple languages; drive global revenues and enrich their customers’ experience. Hippo’s innovative, enterprise-ready technology and service solutions span the entire web customer journey enabling a true, open and context-aware content strategy.

It’s our goal to become a key global player providing the software, tools and services to create the best online experiences. We want to be the trusted brand for organizations that are building deep online relationships with their clients.

Hippo CMS is delivered through a certified partner network across the globe to customers like Autodesk, Thomson Reuters, City University of New York, Dolce & Gabbana, the Dutch Police and the Government of the Netherlands.

Hippo was founded in 1999, has offices Amsterdam and Boston and over 70 employees.

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