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Hippo Integration with PugPig makes iPad Magazine Publishing powerful and easy

Hippo, the company setting new standards for how Commercial Open Source Web Content Management can empower audiences and change the way organizations manage Web content announced today that it has completed a seamless and complete integration with PugPig - a new framework that enables you to publish HTML5 content to iOS powered mobile devices. This integration provides Hippo CMS users with a complete content management and publishing framework to easily create beautiful and optimized magazines for the iPad and iPhone platforms.


True Multi-Channel Publishing

Historically, publishers that are looking to publish content in a magazine-like format and optimized for iPads and iPhones were faced with limited options. Most of the magazine “apps” are either “scraped” content from a Web site, or published using snapshot images of pages of the magazine. This can make updating content for an online magazine cumbersome and expensive. Add to that the steep revenue-share that having a native application in the Apple store requires – and many online publishers have found developing their content exclusively for the App store just too difficult.


But Hippo CMS and PugPig make publishing an iPad optimized magazine as simple as adding another channel to your existing Web content management framework. For those that are utilizing Hippo CMS to publish their online content to a Web site – it’s as easy as deciding which content should be published to their online magazine – and then setting up PugPig to automatically accommodate the iPad optimized framework.


Hippo CMS publishes and manages the content for the HTML5 Web App that the organization can then make available across multiple platforms including iPad and/or iPhone app – or even Android or other Tablet optimized interface. This makes it easy to and powerful to have one development and content management platform for the myriad of channels for mobile content delivery.


Hippo CMS Brings The Benefits of Enterprise Web Content Management


One of the main challenges of many of the current iOS-Powered applications is that the content authoring and management experience is quite limited. Hippo CMS solves that by bringing ALL of the Web content management features to the PugPig integration.


This means that for iPad targeted content, an organization can bring sophisticated content management and delivery features to bear such as:


  • Content Targeting – providing personalized or targeted content based on behavior or other attributes
  • Content Testing – A/B Testing for content to test conversion and optimize usability
  • Optimized Ad Serving – using content targeting to optimize ad serving and contextually relevant messages
  • Search Engine Optimization – publishing content that can be found on Search Engines

As Jon Marks, the lead architect on PugPig said “pure Web apps are the future for online publications. But they’re not there yet. You just can’t get the same level of interface smoothness with a pure Web app. That’s why we went with the hybrid approach. And, that’s why integration with a Web content management system like Hippo makes perfect sense. By separating the content management functions from the display as Hippo does – the publisher will have complete control over their content. When (and if) they decide to go to a pure Web or pure native app – they’ll be able to do it more easily with this type of integration.


Arjé Cahn, CTO of Hippo agrees. “Hippo’s true strength is in multi-channel Web publishing. In today’s mobile world, you need to make sure you’re delivering the right content to the right device. What’s right for the iPhone or Android app might be completely different for an iPad or your Web site. The integration with PugPig is very exciting for us – because it makes publishing to an online magazine format optimized for the iPad very simple and straightforward for the publisher.”


Hippo’s integration with PugPig is available immediately. A video demonstrating the integration is available here – and Hippo will be conducting a Webinar demonstrating this integration on 26th of October. 


About PugPig

PugPig was developed by Kaldor, a new venture focused on building HTML-based platforms. If you’d like to talk to them about using Pugpig or joining the team, please mail them at [email protected]


About Hippo
Hippo sets the standard for how organizations can empower their audience to engage with content. Hippo CMS powers some of the largest and most visited Web properties in the world and is the first Web Content Management solution to deliver context-aware content for its customers. Hippo’s broad capabilities enable both marketers and technology teams to build world-class content delivery platforms. Featuring an enterprise-class development environment and powerful, yet intuitive editing capabilities, Hippo CMS enables a true, open and context-aware content strategy.


Hundreds of both public and private organizations use Hippo’s content platform to manage and deliver thousands of web properties including Thomson/Reuters, Dolce & Gabbana, the Government of the Netherlands & Autodesk.

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