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Hippo launches full product and support to complement Apache Jetspeed 2.2

Hippo’s developers, with ten officially recognized committers already noted for their commitment to a range of The Apache Software Foundation’s projects, have contributed to the community effort to develop Jetspeed 2.2. Hippo’s close involvement in the Jetspeed community enables it to bring training, consulting and 24x7 support for the new version straight to the market, and to offer Jetspeed 1.x and 2.1 users an upgrade package and full support.



Jetspeed is an easy-to-access open source Enterprise Information Portal using Java and XML to collect and present information from multiple sources via an intuitive and user-friendly interface. As a product of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), one of the leading open source organizations dedicated to collaborative software development, Jetspeed is available for free under the business-friendly Apache License.

Hippo’s own product range is the first to feature full integration with Jetspeed 2.2, including Hippo CMS 7, the Hippo Site Toolkit and the integrated CMS suite. Its products provide organizations with an innovative and cost effective solution for content management and online collaboration. The new release, combined with Jetspeed’s track record of performance, stability and its unmatched support for open standards, is an ideal fit for the highly scalable collaborative intranet and web architectures built on Hippo’s products.

David Sean Taylor, Apache Member, founder of the Jetspeed 2 project and VP of Engineering for Hippo, said, “There’s been a build up of excitement behind the scenes as the open source community has been gearing up to complete and release Jetspeed 2.2. At Hippo, we’ve been busy contributing to the community effort while also planning how to ensure our customers reap the range of features and benefits available in the new version. It’s going to be a strong comeback for Jetspeed with a range of new capabilities in usability, scalability and extensibility that were previously only available for clients in custom projects – it’s a leap forward towards the next generation of enterprise portals.”

New features and improvements in Jetspeed 2.2 and Hippo’s accompanying product range include:

Open design for optimal interoperability

  • Full Portlet API 2.0 support and compliance, built on Pluto 2.0.0
  • New pluggable and extensible security model with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) synchronization to provide integrated secure environments
  • Improved integration support for popular web development frameworks such as Wicket, Spring MVC, Struts and JSF (JavaServer Faces)

Facilitating truly interactive collaboration

  • Inter-portlet communication through standards based eventing and shared state management

Fast, cost effective integration

  • Fresh looks and improved usability with new administrative portlets and new skins
  • New high performance preferences database storage
  • Custom and customizable portal project templates and full Maven-2 build support
  • Improved documentation including 5 new guides focused on users, admin, developers, building and deploying

These features provide a range of extensibility and usability enhancements. Together they dramatically improve the ease of adding custom functionality while increasing the control of end-users. Hippo expects Jetspeed 2.2 to reestablish Jetspeed’s position as the portal of choice for building performance oriented enterprise portals in a rapid and cost-effective way.

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