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Oct 09, 2008

Members of the Apache Software Foundation community are requested to become committer on the basis of their significant contributions. The contribution could be through active participation in mailing lists, new code additions and presentations. After a round vote among members one can be officially appointed as committer. As Apache committer you get an Apache email address, write access to the project code to which you are elected and eternal fame.

Jasha Joachimsthal
Joachimsthal (30) studied Business IT at the University of Twente. Thereafter, he was site manager with a tour operator. In 2006 he started working at Hippo and came into contact with Cocoon. Since then he is active on the mailing list, he lectures to outside developers and presents at events such as GetTogether in Rome and the ApacheCon in Amsterdam.

Apache Cocoon
Apache Cocoon is a web development framework based on the use of components, also known as pipelines. These components are like LEGO blocks and a web application can be built without programming in Java. The framework itself is built with the Java programming language and makes mainly use of XML and XSLT. Logic, content and format are kept separately of each other.

More on Apache Cocoon can be found here.

Other committers employed by Hippo are: Arje Cahn (CTO of Hippo), David Taylor, Ate Douma, Woonsan Ko, Vivek Kumar, Ard Schrijvers, Dennis Dam and Jeroen Reijn.

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