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JTeam and Hippo produce official KNVB Soccer website is an initiative between Hacchette Fillipachi Media Nederland and the KNVB. This site is a showcase of Hachette's editorial strengths en creativity mixed with the football knowledge and inside information of the KNVB. Depending on the moment the portal publishes news when it is hot, background stories and analysis, offers listings of parties and events and, of course, in-depth news about the matches played by the Dutch national soccer team.

JTeam who was responsible for the technical realization choose Hippo CMS software for the technology. The main reasons behind this choice were the flexibility of Hippo CMS and the fact that Hippo CMS is based on open standards. This made it possible to build the site within a short time frame. The architecture of the Hippo CMS software allowed editors to create content whilst some of the front end functionalities still had to be implemented. In the course of the coming weeks during the European Championship Soccer for national teams in Austria and Swizerland the site will extend in functionalities.

Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer (CEO Hippo): the 100% open source CMS software of Hippo is known for its flexibility in managing and distributing great quantities of content from one location to multiple outlets likes website, intranet, e-mail, text message, print etcetera. One can adjust the layout of the website or any other media outlet at any given moment without this having any effect on the stored content.

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