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Hippo expands: new developers and more office space

Mike Meijnhard – Senior Developer

Mike Meijnhard has been hired as senior developer within the Professional Services Team. His focus will be the further development of the Hippo CMS, especially the support of JSP and JSF development methods. Meijnhard used to work for Getronics PinkRoccade, amongst other things he worked on the development of the website of The Independer Dublin, an Irish newspaper, and a web application for communication between Dutch housing associations and the Ministry of VROM.

Jeroen Hoffman – Senior Developer

Jeroen Hoffman has been hired as senior developer within the Professional Services Team. Within the team he will focus on further development of the Hippo Portal. Hoffman used to work for Virgil as developer of Java-based web- and portal applications.

Dirkjan van Diepen – Developer

Dirkjan van Diepen has been hired as general developer of the Hippo CMS, supporting the continuing expansion of its possibilities. Van Diepen has worked as web developer for ABOVO Media and as application developer for Peterson Sypplylink.

All three new employees point towards the Open Source community, and Hippo's leading role, as motivation for their move to Hippo. Also mentioned is the excellent working environment. Dirkjan van Diepen: “Hippo's team consists of experts on various different topics. The amount of in-house knowledge is huge. For me personally this not only means I have the opportunity to learn a lot, it also means I can actively contribute to the development of a great product such as the Hippo CMS and use cutting edge techniques”.

New colleagues, more office space and more and more customers

Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer, Hippo's CEO : “Demand of our Open Source software continues to be on the rise. With new customers in our portfolio like ABN AMRO, ANWB, ICTU, SDU and PVDA, expansion of our team became a necessity. We are continuously on the lookout for new colleagues to strengthen our team."

Part of the Hippo team already moved to the new offices, located in a new wing, one floor above the main premises.

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