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Open Source is about Sharing and Contributing

Therefore Hippo supports the “One Laptop per Child” project and as you might understand our employees are very enthusiastic about the "Give One, Get One" action.

This OLPC laptop is designed for the poorest children in the most remote area's. The aim is to give these children an opportunity to discover, experiment and to be connected through internet with the world.

More information about this project you can find on:

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Bloomreach Makes Hospitality Personal, Launching New Integrations That Connect Hospitality Software and Marketing Channels for More Tailored Guest Experiences

Bloomreach announced multiple new integrations that enable hospitality businesses to personalize guest interactions across marketing channels.

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Bloomreach Offers an Unprecedented New Way to Maximize Ecommerce Search Revenue With the Launch of Loomi Search+

New hybrid search engine from Bloomreach returns precise results and broad recall sets for complex searches. This allows businesses to drive more revenue by ensuring customers’ long or nuanced searches yield the right results.

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