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Hippo and Levi9 work together in Eastern Europe

Levi9, specialized in building, managing and testing IT applications, meanwhile has set up a large competence center of intensively trained developers in Serbia, that can implement the Hippo content management system (CMS). The Serbian developers are mainly used by implementation partners of Hippo. Because of the available resources in Serbia, partners can deliver a product with a good price/quality ratio.

The desire for a collaboration with Levi9 arose because the request for Hippo software kept increasing. Besides that, it becomes more and more difficult to find good high educated Hippo-developers. To concede to the implementation partners, Hippo has started 'nearshoring' through Levi9.

Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer, CEO of Hippo: " 'Nearshoring' has a number of advantages over 'offshoring'. Eastern Europe is relatively near to The Netherlands. The cultural differences are limited and we do not have to cope with a difference in time zone. Furthermore, it is still easily possible to exchange knowledge with the developers at their location. Levi9 has excellent knowledge of the Eastern European market. They select the developers and make sure that the required facilities for the developers are available overthere. We are extremely content about the added value that we can offer our partners and customers thanks to Levi9."

Bernhard van Oranje, CEO of Levi9: "We are happy that our Near Shore Delivery Services model, in which we combine the quality, reaction speed and flexibility of Dutch sevice providers with the reduction in costs of offshoring, works for Hippo. Thanks to our center in Serbia, we can provide Hippo with the well educated developers that they are looking for."

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