TFG London Opts In For Bloomreach Engagement

Carl Bleich
Carl Bleich

Bloomreach is thrilled to announce that The Foschini Group Limited London (TFG London) will be using Bloomreach Engagement, our Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP), for its core brands. 

TFG London, which features 4,000 employees that serve 24 countries, has an impressive portfolio of premium womenswear brands. Hobbs London, Phase Eight, and Whistles will be using the CDXP to provide an elite customer experience to their loyal patrons.

One of the many things that the CDXP will facilitate for TFG London is having a single customer view. Each brand will now be able to connect individual customers’ online and offline behavior trends to help accurately paint a picture of the true customer lifetime value of each individual. 

While the CDXP’s capabilities are extremely valuable for each individual brand, the magic does not stop there. Bloomreach Engagement will allow TFG London to analyze shopping insights and analytical patterns across the group of brands as well. 

Using the CDXP to track how customers interact with all three brands gives TFG London access to previously unknown data that is extremely valuable. That will in turn create a consistently personalized shopping experience that will satisfy consumers and drive revenue. 

“We reviewed many CDPs, CRMs, ESPs, and Marketing Clouds but we went with Bloomreach’s CDXP because it’s a single platform which is built from the ground up,” said Sally Deane, Group CRM and Insights Lead . “All components of the CDXP speak to each other as they are not acquisitions, unlike other vendors. This allows us to create customer segmentation in real-time and we can then activate that data across multiple channels with one click. We have been really impressed with the incredible levels of support from Bloomreach’s professional services team. No request has been too much and it really feels like a true partnership. ”

Bloomreach Engagement has provided businesses across the globe with valuable customer insights that have been used to increase productivity. Our customers have unified their siloed customer data into a single solution and used that data to deliver magical experiences for their customers. If you’re interested in seeing the speed and magic that Bloomreach can help your business access, schedule a personalized demo today to learn more. 


Carl Bleich

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