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Jan Bělohlávek 
Jan Bělohlávek 

In your role as a marketer or CRM manager, one of your most crucial job responsibilities is presenting results to your manager. 

Whether you’re seeking their approval for a decision or aiming to gain their trust in your recommendations, an effective presentation is essential. Understanding the key steps to preparing and delivering a compelling presentation that will impress your supervisor and drive positive outcomes is a skill all marketers and CRM managers must possess. 

Let’s explore best practices for presenting your results to teams and managers and understand how Bloomreach Engagement can be used to streamline this process. 

Understanding the Purpose

You must fully understand the results you’ll be presenting prior to even beginning preparation for your presentation. These presentations can often serve as moments that spur decision making, consensus building, and stakeholder alignment on your commerce-driving team. 

To help facilitate these things, ask yourself the following questions as you begin to prepare: 

  • Why are you presenting these results?
  • What outcomes are you seeking?
  • How can your presentation contribute to better decision making or gain trust in your recommendations?

Understanding the answers to these questions will guide your presentation strategy and help you tailor your approach to your commerce-driving team.

Preparation Phase

The success of your presentation lies in careful preparation. As the old adage goes, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” 

Following the best guidelines will ensure that your presentation is far from a failure. 

Know Your Audience

To craft a persuasive presentation, you must understand your audience members. Consider their motivations, goals, and priorities. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what information or insights would resonate with them the most. Tailoring your message to their needs will increase the chances of gaining their support or approval.

Determine the Best Form and Channel

Consider the most effective way for your audience to consume information and make decisions. Some may prefer data-driven reports, while others might respond better to visual presentations or interactive discussions. Choosing the appropriate format and channel will enhance the impact of your message.

Define Clear Next Steps

Identify the actions or decisions you want your audience to take after the presentation. Clearly articulate these next steps and explain how they align with broader organizational goals. Providing a roadmap for implementation will facilitate decision-making and increase the likelihood of your recommendations being embraced.

Building an Impactful Presentation

Now that you’ve gathered the necessary insights and data, it’s time to build a compelling presentation. Consider the below steps as a roadmap: 

Synthesize Relevant Data

Start by synthesizing the data that supports or validates your key points. For example, if you’re evaluating the effectiveness of a new SMS channel, gather key metrics and compare them with other channels. Identify profitable customer segments and areas for improvement. These insights will serve as evidence for your recommendations.

Craft a Story

Presenting data alone is not enough. To convince and engage your audience, you need to build a story that guides them through your observations and leads to a final decision. Utilize a framework like “Care + Do + Impact” by Avinash Kaushik, to structure your narrative effectively.

Care: Begin by explaining why your audience should care about the topic. Highlight the industry benchmarks, performance gaps, or missed opportunities that demand attention. Start with a quick overview. 

“From my experience, it’s necessary to provide a quick overview of the situation and context,” said Michaela Janikova, Bloomreach Senior Business Consultant.  “As a marketer, I am always familiar with the campaign, but that familiarity doesn’t always extend to my superiors.”

Do: Clearly outline what actions or changes need to be implemented. Provide specific recommendations based on the insights you’ve gathered. Explain how these actions align with organizational goals and contribute to better outcomes.

“The essential thing is to present only relevant results,” Janikova said. “This means resisting the temptation to present everything and instead selecting only key KPIs and reports for the specific campaign.”

Impact: Emphasize the positive impact your recommendations will have. Connect the dots between the proposed actions and the expected outcomes, such as increased customer engagement, higher conversion rates, or improved ROI.

Use Bloomreach Engagement’s Dashboard Sharing To Deliver a Compelling Presentation

Bloomreach Engagement’s “dashboard sharing” feature will help you streamline the result-sharing process. 

With the ability to create shareable links or send results via email, you can ensure your managers receive fresh data before each meeting. They can review metrics and reports at their convenience and provide you with valuable feedback. This feature simplifies the process, improves collaboration, and keeps everyone informed.

In addition, Bloomreach Engagement offers a “presentation mode” feature that allows you to utilize dynamic dashboards instead of relying on traditional PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations, enhancing the visual impact and interactivity of your data-driven presentations.

Presenting results to your managers and team as a marketing professional requires thoughtful preparation and effective delivery. By understanding your audience, crafting a compelling story, and utilizing visual aids, you can create an impactful presentation that drives action. 

Remember to leverage tools like Bloomreach Engagement to streamline result sharing and foster collaboration. With these strategies in place, you’ll present like a pro and effectively share your positive outcomes with all of the necessary stakeholders.



Jan Bělohlávek 

Product Manager at Bloomreach

Jan is a Bloomreach Product Manager with a passion for the digital world and a talent for solving customer problems. Jan’s customer-focused approach ensures Bloomreach consistently delivers delightful solutions that save customers time and stress. Jan truly loves working in product management and always seeks ways to enhance the customer experience.

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