From The Eyes of Our Customers: Jyllands-Posten

Anders Heltzen
Anders Heltzen

Note: The “From The Eyes of Our Customers” series gives a unique perspective on the experience with Bloomreach from the customer vantage point. Jyllands-Posten is one of Denmark’s largest newspapers and media houses and uses Bloomreach Engagement to deliver relevant content-driven experiences to subscribers and anonymous readers.

At Jyllands-Posten, our digital marketing transformation is happening right now. 

Our marketing setup prior to adopting Bloomreach Engagement in early 2021 could only be described with one word—manual. Marketing campaigns had to be created in fragments and by different departments before they were sent to the digital execution team and stitched together. 

With only a few channels being utilized and all of our communication being non-personalized, we really could only hang our hats on our great product and design. 

While we are still in the process of automating our marketing processes, it is clear: Bloomreach has helped us convert to a completely different way of thinking about our marketing. The Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP) has been the key to that transformation. 

Going From a Full Marketing Suite to Bloomreach Engagement

First of all, let’s put this out there right away—we saved a bucket load of money by eliminating most of our legacy marketing systems and replacing them with Bloomreach. No one here would argue against that. 

We have also gained a great deal of flexibility by having a CDP with marketing automation capabilities. We can now personalize content that we send to customers, use real-time predictions, and conversion rate optimization as well. We are expecting this to lead to a significant increase in sales and customer satisfaction in the future with Bloomreach Engagement as the main engine driving this. 

We’ve also found that Bloomreach Engagement is very easy to use and navigate. Once the initial implementation was done, our IT team has had minimal involvement in our daily projects. 

The CDXP Paves the Way for Marketing Execution 

The possibilities with Bloomreach Engagement are seemingly endless. And these possibilities have outlined a clear path for us to create a marketing strategy that would serve our customers and execute on those specific strategies at scale. 

We went from asking ourselves “what did we do last time?” to “what is actually possible to do now?”. We were able to generate a lot of ideas—and we mean a lot. 

And maybe what’s most exciting is that we did it the right way. With our customer strategy as our guide, we planned 144 marketing initiatives in a month’s time. We created our very own roadmap because we finally had the internal resources and the marketing platform we needed to plan for the future and succeed in the present. 

Data Drives Bloomreach Engagement 

You read everywhere these days about the importance of data in digital marketing. It is really true when it comes to Bloomreach Engagement. 

Bloomreach’s CDXP only gets better as you provide it with more data. 

In our integration phase, our source systems were not providing the level of data consistency and data reliability that we needed. We quickly realized that the data we were missing on our customers would lead us to being able to provide a better customer experience at Jyllands-Posten. 

As we’ve collected more customer data and fed it into Bloomreach Engagement, previously unattainable digital marketing capabilities have become a reality. We can email customers at the optimal time for them, or reach them on their optimal channel thanks to the collected customer data and the CDXP. 
It’s a whole new world of possibilities for Jyllands-Posten. We are excited for what the future of our digital marketing holds thanks to our partnership with Bloomreach and innovative new marketing strategies we’ve developed with Bloomreach Engagement.


Anders Heltzen

Marketing Automation Specialist

Anders is a Marketing Automation Specialist for Bloomreach customer Jyllands-Posten. He works directly with Bloomreach Engagement and has a passion for automation and digital marketing.

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