Bloomreach India Achieves a Trust Index Score of 91 With Great Place to Work®

Anna Petrescu
Anna Petrescu

Culture is very important to us at Bloomreach — we believe that culture crushes challenges! As we rapidly scale, our leadership team has placed an even greater emphasis on the company’s culture and how we can better support our employees. We decided to do a culture assessment for Bloomreach India in association with the Great Place to Work® Institute to measure employee engagement – We also wanted to identify the key areas of strength and challenges in our workplace culture and benchmark with the best in the country and other relevant competitors. 

The goal of this assessment was to discover the key factors that characterize our organization’s workplace culture and the quality of our employees’ experience through the Great Place Trust Index. We also wanted to get an evaluation and set benchmarking of people practices through the Great Place Culture Audit to help us prioritize an action agenda to lean into strengths and bridge gaps internally.

Every year, more than 10,000 organizations from over 60 countries partner with the Great Place to Work® Institute for assessment, benchmarking, and planning actions to strengthen their workplace culture. We are pleased to share that our Trust Index© score is 91. 

Our comparators for the assessment were:

  • India All Companies Study 2021 (under 100 employees) 
  • India Top 50 – great mid-size workplaces 
  • Customized Benchmark for Bloomreach Technologies Private Limited – 15 product-based companies hand-picked by us. 

The Trust Index© score is an average of our scores across five dimensions: Camaraderie, Fairness, Credibility, Pride, and Respect.

We scored 94 for Camaraderie and 89 for Fairness.

“Bloomreach is a well-structured organization where, despite being multiple teams, people collaborate for projects like a well-oiled machine. Every individual has their own personality, backs each other, and works in complete harmony. Despite WFH, everyone in the company has adjusted quite well to the new work conditions.”

For Credibility, we scored 92.

“You own your work, which gives a great sense of responsibility. Your ideas are heard and your planning is respected. The great benefits the company provides make it even better.”

And for Pride and Respect, we scored 91 and 88, respectively. We take employee feedback very seriously and we’ve been working with the leadership team to keep improving.

“It’s a company that actually lives and breathes its 5 Values, unlike what I’ve personally seen across past employers. The team is more important than the individual at Bloomreach (We versus I) – we’re all committed to one unified mission and work hard to get there collectively. The company’s success is our success and you feel this sentiment across all levels/roles and not just from the leadership team. It’s a great, healthy, and positive work environment (miss being in the office a lot since the shift to remote work). I get to work with some extremely smart people who are passionate about what they do and are also passionate about supporting each other.”

The culture and values of Bloomreach make us a Great Place to Work. We live every one of these values daily and we are proud of it. 


Anna Petrescu

Recruitment Brand Manager

Anna works with Bloomreach professionals to drive campaigns focused on employer branding and wellbeing. As a brand manager, with a focus on sustainability, she specializes in projects that bring positive impact on various communities.

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