Custom Notifications and AI-Powered Anomaly Detection in Bloomreach Engagement

Jan Bělohlávek 
Jan Bělohlávek 

At Bloomreach, we’re always looking for ways to help our users better understand customers and improve marketing efforts. That’s why we’re analyzing upcoming Bloomreach Engagement features that are currently in the research phase — custom notifications and AI-powered anomaly detection. 

Custom notifications will allow users to set up custom rules to check whether a particular metric meets the desired threshold — and when that threshold is met, a notification will be sent to indicate this. This feature will provide customers with valuable insights that will allow them to stay on top marketing efforts and address any issues that may arise within their Engagement instance.

Custom notifications are just the beginning. We’re committed to helping marketers in even more ways in the future, including an additional feature called AI-based anomaly detection. Our anomaly detection will use statistical techniques to identify anomalies in time-series data for a given metric and anomalies within a segment at the same point of time. 

By leveraging historical data, our AI-based anomaly detection will predict the value of a metric at the current time period, and flag the datapoint as an anomaly if the actual value falls outside the credible interval. You’ll be able to track the trend of a given metric and receive notifications when an anomaly is detected. This will allow Bloomreach Engagement users to proactively address any issues and improve the performances of marketing campaigns. 

Custom notifications and AI-based anomaly detection are just a few of the many new Engagement features we’re developing to proactively solve data-related issues as soon as possible. Custom notifications are on the docket to go into product development during our next cycle. If your company is interested in testing this feature in beta, please contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more. 


Jan Bělohlávek 

Product Manager at Bloomreach

Jan is a Bloomreach Product Manager with a passion for the digital world and a talent for solving customer problems. Jan’s customer-focused approach ensures Bloomreach consistently delivers delightful solutions that save customers time and stress. Jan truly loves working in product management and always seeks ways to enhance the customer experience.

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