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Tessa Roberts
Tessa Roberts
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On June 12th and 13th 2019, we’ll be hosting our first digital experience conference of the year: Bloomreach Connect San Francisco.

We’re bringing together all digital innovators who have a passion for digital experience. That could mean business leaders, tech leaders, merchandisers, marketers, developers and everything in between. Basically, everyone it takes build a digital-first business.


What is Bloomreach Connect SF?

Bloomreach Connect San Francisco is 2-day conference where the Digital Experience Community comes together to discuss and share ideas on this theme.

In the agenda, you’ll see a mixture of sessions, designed to hit the perfect balance between inspirational goals and practical how-do-I-actually-achieve-this advice. The sessions include:

  • Visionary keynotes will answer questions like where is the future of digital experience going? Chatbots, AI, wearables – What are the latest trends and how has the industry evolved?

  • Peer-sharing will be interactive panel sessions where experts in merchandising and marketing share their experience and invite questions from the audience. One of the stories last year came from shopDisney that their method to using data effectively in eCommerce.

  • Brand Success Stories. Industry leaders will be taking the stage and unveiling which innovations they are working on right now. In 2018, Hilton presented their “Connected Room” concept.

  • Developer Workshops take you through the possibilities of digital experience from a technical perspective. Learn how you can set up relevant content delivery across every channel and leverage an API-architecture to connect you tech investments.

  • User Groups willoffer you the chance to give your feedback directly to our product experts, discuss best practices with other Bloomreach customers and influence the product roadmap.

  • Partner Morning is exclusively for Bloomreach partners to hear about our product roadmap and strategy and tactics for selling with Bloomreach.


Why Should I Come?

The buzz of digital innovation, the friendly warm atmosphere radiating from the Bloomreach Community, and the idea-packed inspirational presentations are a handful of the reasons we could pick.

If you’re looking for further incentive to attend, we’ve managed to condense down to a 10 Reasons to Join list.


Who Is the Conference For?

Bloomreach Connect is designed all Digital Experience Innovators. What we mean by that is everyone who is working to realizing digital innovation in business.

That could mean marketers, merchandisers, developers, content producers, tech leaders, solutions experts, business leaders, CIOs, CDOs, CEOs, website optimizers… and the list goes on.

We know that digital experience innovation doesn’t just come from one leader, or one team, or even one department. It comes from breaking down these silos and changing the mindset of a whole company.

That’s why we hold one conference for anybody involved in making this shift in mindset happen to help provide our customers with a better digital experience.


Who Will Be Speaking?

Last year’s agenda included speakers from global leaders like Hilton, shopDisney, Tailored Brands Inc, Sam’s Club, FC Bayern Munich, NHS Digital and many more exciting brands.

This year, we’re putting together another fantastic lineup – stay tuned for its unveil!


How Do I Find out More?

We have a Bloomreach Connect SF website where you can find all the essential information on the event including venue information, how to buy tickets, and our agenda tracks.



Tessa Roberts

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Tessa is a content marketer specializing in digital marketing, content strategy, social media strategy.             

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