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Enhancements to Bloomreach Discovery’s Category Ranking Algorithm

By Shinhe Cho


Building an intelligent search engine on your ecommerce site is easier said than done. 

Bloomreach Discovery customers come to us knowing that their shoppers are increasingly demanding seamless and intuitive search experiences. Without the right solution, their frustrated shoppers are quickly moving on to the next online store and money is being left on the table. 

It’s true — it's not easy keeping up with the expectations of search-savvy shoppers. 

Same Bloomreach Discovery, Next-Gen Algorithms 

Bloomreach Discovery has remained at the cutting edge of ecommerce search for over a decade by delivering the latest in AI-driven algorithms for our customers. Now, we’re ready to chart the course for the future of product discovery: truly customizable search. 

As more industries enter the digital commerce space and existing ecommerce businesses grow and scale, vendors can no longer offer a one-size-fits-all approach to search. 

We’re happy to announce the general availability of the latest enhancements to our category ranking algorithm, a next-generation machine learning model that will set the stage for customizable search, at no additional charge for existing Discovery customers. Current customers will see immediate benefits affecting their tail/torso categories and more effective merchandising boosts. 

In the long-term, with the upcoming revamped search ranking algorithm, our customers will be able to take part in advanced algorithm customization. From easier signal ingestion to optimizing for performance signals other than revenue, search will become infinitely more customizable and flexible with Bloomreach Discovery. 

Discovery customers will have the new category ranking algorithm rolled out over the next few months. If you want to learn more about the new algorithm change or need to delay the roll-out or opt-out, please contact your Digital Experience Manager.

Note: This change will only take place for customers that power their category pages through Bloomreach. 

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Shinhe Cho

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Bloomreach

Shinhe Cho connects customers to the magic of Bloomreach Discovery as a customer-centric product advocate. She enjoys delivering value and solving problems, one message at a time.

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