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Personalized site search with the fastest ROI on the market.

Improve Your Product Discovery With Industry-Leading AI

With Bloomreach Discovery, you can get started with the smartest site search available. You can also adopt the benefits of the entire platform, allowing you to drive value fast and grow at your own pace.



Boost growth with AI that shows you merchandising opportunities with the most revenue potential.


Unite your search bar and product recommendations for higher conversions on every page.


Automatically target the most profitable keywords and boost site traffic without all the additional effort.

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How You Can Make More Money Every Year With Bloomreach

Improve RPV Fast and Maintain Momentum

Stop waiting around for a pixel to learn your customers’ behavior. Take advantage of the largest ecommerce dataset out there to get an immediate edge over your competitors and generate more revenue, faster. Then, maintain that edge to keep improving revenue per visitor year-over-year.

Get Support When You Need It

Help is always a few keystrokes away and available through multiple channels, ensuring your team guidance during critical times.

Bloomreach also offers a number of valuable resources, including access to educational content on Bloomreach Academy, rich documentation, and monthly best practices webinars.

Gain Extensive Industry Experience

Our Experience Strategy Group is available to help you maximize your search and merchandising capabilities, so you can delight your customers in real time — in no time.

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Bloomreach Discovery Pricing FAQs

What makes Bloomreach different from other ecommerce site seach providers?

Bloomreach has the fastest ROI of any product discovery solution on the market. Our suite of search, merchandising, and recommendations is a unique balance of AI innovation and merchandiser empowerment, allowing your business to see the highest RPV of any vendor with the least time and effort for you and your team.

We recommend you test drive the impact you can gain from Bloomreach Discovery through our Search Impact Validation. We will take your catalog data and run it through our algorithms without any additional configuration or doctoring the data in the background, so that you can see for yourself how much our day zero learnings can improve your product discovery experience. Request your Search Impact Validation report.

Yes, and where Bloomreach’s AI is most differentiated from other providers is in our recall optimization – the foundation for highly relevant and revenue-generating search results. We are able to uniquely and dramatically improve results at this level because of our massive dataset (only Amazon has more ecommerce data than us, and other vendors would need years and significantly more customers to catch up) and through our semantic understanding (the most advanced for commerce search). It is only through recall optimization that you can realize our day zero learnings, because they are driven by your product data and our historical learnings, rather than customer behavior being tracked through a pixel.

How do you calculate price?

Your Bloomreach subscription consists of two parts: a platform fee and a usage fee. You start with Site Search and can add any additional modules (e.g., Merchandising) you wish to utilize. After choosing the package, your pricing is usage-based. The more the usage, the lower your per unit price, so growing with Bloomreach is a win-win. Our base plan also comes with Bloomreach support and access to our documentation and best practice sessions.

Since our pricing is based on your business needs, it is best to work with a sales representative to get an accurate quote. Submit a contact form below to get pricing.

We bill on an annual basis to give you flexibility and challenge Bloomreach to demonstrate our value year after year. 99% of our customer continue to renew year over year – leaning on Bloomreach to help them grow. If we aren’t providing value, we should lose your business. We only win when our customers win. We believe a year is an adequate amount of time for us to prove our value, although you can unlock even better rates with longer term agreements.

Discovery modules are built around the most frequent pain points and use cases of our customers. Search is foundational and the starting point for Discovery. On top of Search, you only pay for the modules you want. Additional add-ons can be purchased separately.

Yes! Our pricing is structured to allow you to grow at your own pace. As a customer you will have a representative you can contact to get started with other modules as soon as you are ready without interruption to your current activities.

How much manual set-up is required?

We’ve served customers across every industry and have solutions for the most common challenges baked into our product, so tuning Bloomreach for your exact needs is a matter of configuration, rather than time-consuming (and expensive) customization.

Due to the massive dataset we’ve built up over the last decade, our search engine already knows how to adapt to your customers’ behavior. You see immediate impact instead of waiting for a pixel to learn or for your merchandising team to diagnose and test rules.

Bloomreach Discovery’s implementation takes an average of six weeks total to complete and under four weeks for you to start seeing the business impact on your site. Our implementation takes a little longer because we have more advanced capabilities built into the product that get you to value sooner. With other solutions you need to invest the effort of creating rules or time waiting for the pixel to learn from your customers before you start seeing any lift.

Here’s what we recommend asking yourself – at the end of the year, how much more RPV lift does Bloomreach need to achieve in order to justify the extra couple weeks it might take us to implement? We’re confident we can hit that number for you because we’ve been doing it for over a decade for the biggest brands in the world that stay with us year after year.


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