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KODLY has expertise in Digital Transformation, with strong focus on software delivery automation (CICD & DevOps) and migration of applications to the Cloud (Cloud Adoption). We have experience in moving legacy applications to a cloud environment, helping our customers to: reduce costs, increase productivity, security and reliability.

ecommerce Solutions

Kodly does implementation or migration of ecommerce Solutions with B2C and B2B projects for some of the largest retailers and brands, all around the world. Ecommerce Solutions are our core competence since our foundation. Our experience made us specialists in the application of the most advanced DevOps, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment techniques applied to ecommerce.

Cloud-hosted microservices and APIs

Organizations are gradually moving from monolithic applications to microservice-based applications. The general perception that applications based on microservices can improve key aspects of the business, such as the customer experience, brings an increase in the use of these technologies. The reason microservices are in vogue these days is that they make application development, integration, and maintenance much easier.

Code Factory

Our team loves to help StartUps bootstrap their tech solutions. We are able to rapidly deliver a working MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with standard services, including a basic APP ready to be customized, already integrated with cloud hosted services.

Native and Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Native applications are characterized by their ability to offer an optimized user experience to mobile devices. However, if you want to provide an application for the two most popular operating systems (Android and iOS), you will have to develop two different apps, which results in a more expensive project. A hybrid application can be the solution. Despite their native behavior, hybrid applications are developed with web technologies, making the development cycle substantially shorter and cheaper.

Test & Deploy Automation (CI/CD)

CI / CD(continuous integration / continuous delivery), is a method for frequent deliver of Applications to customers. To achieve it, development teams apply automation in the application development stages. With CI / CD, it is possible to solve the problems that the integration of new code can cause for the operations and development teams. The method applies continuous monitoring and automation throughout the application lifecycle, including in the testing and integration phases, as well as delivery and deployment.

Digital Experiences (UX/UI)

The evolution of digital media has highlighted the central factor of digital product design: the user. By focusing its development on the creation of content which is relevant to users, as well as its immediate accessibility and ease of use, digital experiences have changed the paradigms of thinking and production.