Self-Learning AI in B2C Omnichannel Marketing and Beyond

Watch to discover the most common applications of AI in omnichannel marketing and discover which industry leading brands are on the cutting edge of AI/ML. Most importantly, discover how your brand can leverage AI in your omnichannel campaigns and more. 

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Bingo for Your Bottom Line: A Bloomreach Use Case Live Demo

During this event, we’ll walk you through our interactive use case library and show you how to execute specific use cases that are proven to drive revenue. Remember, by tailoring the entire customer experience to individual preferences, needs, and behaviours, businesses can create a seamless and engaging journey that fosters stronger connections and drives conversion rates

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Prepare for Peak Season Success With AI-Powered Engagement Campaigns

Enjoy a thought-provoking virtual event exploring how your back-to-school e-commerce performance can inform the upcoming holiday peak season. Shake up homemade ice cream floats while discussing the power of AI-fueled marketing campaigns to prepare and unlock increased revenue potential.

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Mix & Learn: The Evolution of Search + Impacts of AI

Enjoy a thought-provoking Mix and Learn event all about the Evolution of E-commerce Search and the Impact of AI. Mix up a margarita while exploring the value of AI-powered e-commerce search technologies and best practices.

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Mix & Learn: Delivering High Impact Conversion Campaigns

At Bloomreach, we understand the importance of building strong relationships with your customers. That's why we're excited to share our expertise with our D2C audience! Our team of experts walk you through practical strategies that you can implement to improve your customer communication, increase customer satisfaction, and boost CLTV.

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From Manual to Magical: Transforming Merchandising Capabilities for B2B Distributors

Join us for an exclusive live demo where we'll take you on a journey from traditional manual merchandising practices to an inspiring look at what’s possible with the right technology.

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The Smell of Success: A D2C Live Demo

With the current macroeconomic pressures, D2C marketers need to drive revenue with smaller budgets and fewer resources. Luckily, we’re here to help you achieve profitability so you can sniff out the smell of success with top tips for D2C brands.

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The Psychology Behind the Buyer’s Behaviour

Listen on-demand to partners Bloomreach, Talon.One, Intive, and Loyalty360 as our industry experts come together to unlock the secrets behind buyer behaviour. Unleash emotional connections, drive exceptional loyalty programs, and engineer repeat purchases through the power of psychological attachment.

Julia Oberndörfer

Principal Design Strategist, Intive

Sam Panzer

Director of Industry Strategy, Talon.One

Mark Johnson

CEO & CMO, Loyalty360

Sarah-Jane Bevis

Senior Customer Success, Manager, Bloomreach

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How to Bring Loyalty Programs to the Next Level

Partners Bloomreach, Miltton and Antavo came together to help you take your customer loyalty game to new heights. Watch the on-demand video and you’ll uncover stat-driven insights and gain a deep understanding of how the Nordic region is at the forefront of loyalty innovation.

Zsuzsa Kecsmar

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Antavo

Mattias Andersson

Co-founder & Senior Advisor, Miltton

Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer

VP Brand, Bloomreach

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B2B Digital Change Breakfast with Renishaw and William Jackson Food Group

Watch the on-demand video and explore how large B2B manufacturers and distributors can kickstart their digital transformation journey. Join partners Bloomreach, Apply Digital, BigCommerce, and Talon.One as they guide you through framing the business need,

Tarquin Adams

Group Marketing Manager, Renishaw

James Tognola

Senior E-commerce Manager at William Jackson Food Group

Matt Gould

Chief Commerce Officer, Apply Digital

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