E-Commerce Site Search and Merchandising

User-Based Personalization Just Got Easier

By Shinhe Cho


E-Commerce Site Search and Merchandising

User-Based Personalization Just Got Easier

Shoppers are expecting more personalized experiences when shopping online. With the rise of online shopping brought on by the pandemic over the last few years, B2C and B2B businesses know that e-commerce is here to stay. Thankfully, Bloomreach Discovery has been solving the personalization problem in product discovery for years. And we’re just getting started. 

A "recently viewed" module in Bloomreach Discovery

More Personalization at Your Fingertips

Today, we’re announcing the general availability of "recently viewed," a new algorithm to help merchandisers retarget shoppers who have browsed or searched for specific products, but did not purchase them. This user-based personalization feature will encourage top-of-the-funnel buyers to convert by offering more personalized recommendations while shopping. 

This new algorithm is included for current Recommendations & Pathways customers at no additional charge. Navigate to the easy-to-use dashboard and create new recommendations widgets using "recently viewed" or apply it to email recommendations. Build your powerhouse personalization strategy with our other recommendations algorithms, including "frequently viewed together," "similar products," "bestseller," "past purchases," "trending products," and more! 

Get a Head Start on Personalization With Bloomreach Discovery Recommendations

Not a Recommendations & Pathways user yet? If your customers are feeling frustrated at the lack of personalization on your website, schedule a personalized demo of Bloomreach Discovery to learn more about what a next-level e-commerce experience looks like!

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Shinhe Cho

Product Marketing Manager

Shinhe Cho connects customers to the magic of Bloomreach’s Discovery pillar of products as a Product Marketing Manager. A customer-centric product advocate, she enjoys delivering value and solving problems, one message at a time.

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