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你好, Multilingual Search!

By Niklas Winkels


More languages, even better than before. Now you can searchandize in Chinese, Japanese and Korean!

In times of globalization, many companies do business worldwide. Especially in B2B, Manufacturers and Distributors often offer their products and services in many countries, serving a variety of languages. And the APAC region is of great importance.

That’s why we’re excited to roll out additional language support - Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK)!

All features that you know and love about Bloomreach Search, Merchandising and Recommendations are now supported for CJK as well.

Easily add redirects, configure synonyms and create boost/bury rules using CJK characters for attributes.

Redirects can be configured in CJK


Synonyms can be configured in CJK

Additionally, Bloomreach added stemmer support for Japanese and Korean:

  • In Chinese, there is no concept of canonicals (ie: 盒子 can mean “box” or “boxes”) so no stemming support was added for Chinese. 
  • Korean: "사이클" is the stem for "사이클링".
  • Japanese: "ドライバ" is the stem of "ドライバー". Both mean “driver”.

Also, Bloomreach added tokenization support:

  • In English, queries are tokenized by spaces so we do tokenized matching word by word. In Chinese, there is no space between individual characters. For example, "无袖真丝缎晚礼服" is more likely to be tokenized to "无袖", "真丝", "缎", "晚礼服".
  • Japanese: "タクシードライバー" is tokenized to "タクシー" and "ドライバー".
  • Korean: “저장바구니” is tokenized to “저장” and “바구니”.


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Niklas Winkels

Product Marketing Manager at Bloomreach

Niklas is a Product Marketing Manager and Developer Relations Expert with a background in Demand Generation.

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