Video: Retailers Fail to Deliver on Customer Experience

By Mike Cassidy


It turns out that modern consumers have become very tough customers.

Armed with smartphones and high expectations, shoppers are no longer hunting only for products. They are also paying careful attention to the experience that comes along with the effort of finding what they want.

At the Retail’s Digital Summit 2016, customer experience was among the topics that seemed to be everywhere.

We caught up with Patricia V. Waldron, a global marketing director for IBM, at the summit, who  shared her thoughts about customer experience in this video. One key takeaway: IBM’s research shows that only 40 percent of consumers globally believe that retailers are providing them with the kind of customer experience that they deserve.

And yes, Waldron has some thoughts about what retailers can do to move that number higher.

This is the first in a series of videos with thought leaders attending Stay tuned for more in the series.

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