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Intro to Search

In Intro to Search you’ll learn how to use the BloomReach Dashboard to curate and edit search result pages based on your current campaigns and strategic initiatives, track query performance and understand current product ranking positions. You’ll also learn how to create and utilize targeted audiences and A/B test any changes you make to your site search result pages.


Upcoming training dates are below. If you would like to schedule an Intro to Search training for you or your team, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Some of the topics to be covered during training can include:

  • Rank products and types of products for search results pages through boost and bury rules
  • Get insight into how BloomReach ranks a specific product for a search query
  • Control the terms in auto suggest search queries
  • Optimize your synonym list
  • Configure keyword redirects
  • Add banners for specific or a set of queries
  • Configure campaigns by associating banners with specific queries and time periods
  • Analyze search performance and top-performing keywords
  • Identify keywords that aren’t generating revenue
  • Create experiences for specific customers using targeted audiences
  • Use A/B testing to understand the impact of changes on your site


Training consists of three hours delivered virtually with the Customer trainer.


This training is intended for teams that have previously been trained in the Customized Intro to Search training and have new members that need to be ramped on the tool. This training is not specific to an individual customer and may include members from other customer teams. All customer names will be kept confidential during the training.


The cost per attendee of this training is $375.