The Developer Certificate - a proof of craftmanship

Our Developer Certification program ensures that the developers that work with our CMS have the most up-to-date, the highest level of practical knowledge with BloomReach Experience.

Valid for 2 years, developers who hold this certification will have been evaluated and approved by our global team of development instructors as BloomReach experts.

Two levels of certification are available 

  1. Fundamentals - which can be obtained after following Hippo Developer Fundamentals Training
  2. Advanced - which can be obtained after following Hippo Advanced Developer Training

For developers, software architects, and solution architects, this is the best way to demonstrate their expertise in working with BloomReach Experience. It is a valuable way to establish their credibility as professionals in the quickly-growing field of open-source Digital Experience Management.

Exam Access

Attendees of a Developer Fundamentals Training or Advanced Developer Training will have access to the exam post-training. Developers who have gained hands-on knowledge of the CMS can elect to take the certification exam independent of a training course. For more information, please contact us!

Required Knowledge

Want to know which skills and knowledge are going to be tested in the certification exam? Take a look at the in-depth overview.