Advanced Developer Training

This course offers a deep dive into BloomReach Experience and enables you to take a solution architect position in your next BloomReach Experience web development project. 

Reading documentation is one thing, but this trainer-led course is full of hands-on exercises that demonstrate the techniques which help you roll out configuration changes to test and production environments quick and predictable. Learn by doing it, and having an expert trainer on your side.


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September 02-03, 2019


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High Level Agenda

Advanced Development

  • Develop custom components 
  • Working with content programatically
  • Security domains, permissions & workflow
  • Implement blueprints
  • Investigate and fix performance bottlenecks


The training takes two days.

Audience & Prequisites 

Ideal for participants who have completed the Developer Fundamentals training in the last 6 months or who have at least 1-year project experience with BloomReach Experience (formerly known as Hippo CMS)

How much does it cost ?

The Developer Fundamentals Training cost per attendee are as follows: $1.950 (US trainings), £ 1.450 (UK training); € 1.450 (rest of Europe). To get more information about on-site training cost, please reach out to your Account Manager or fill out the form below.