Case Study

Why Sanquin Selected a Future Proof, Flexible CMS

Learn how Sanquin uses Bloomreach’s CMS to encourage blood donors to register by optimizing the customer experience.

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Bloomreach definitely helped us to achieve our goals. There were no technical boundaries and everything we wanted to build we could.

Feddo Renier, Webmaster and Operations Engineer at Sanquin

Read the case study to find out:

  • About Sanquin’s journey to digital innovation
  • How Sanquin made the registration process for blood donation faster and easier
  • Why Sanquin selected flexible and future proof CMS to achieve their goals

Sanquin, the blood donation service in the Netherlands, was faced with a problem. How do we encourage more people to register to donate blood? 

You might not expect digital innovation to be a top priority for a blood bank when considering this problem but Sanquin decided to do just that.

They mapped out a clear online customer journey to guide visitors through the sign-up process which led to great success

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