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SmartPak: How specialist retailers can compete in an Amazon-dominated world

On-demand Webinar

SmartPak, the leading provider of horse supplies, was struggling to find success as Amazon was entering their space. They had to innovate more than ever to match the digital experience of the eCommerce giant.

SmartPak created a competitive edge by focusing on intelligent search what led to increase in conversion rate by 8%.

Watch our on-demand webinar with Cathleen Voss, Sr. Manager, eCommerce Product Development & Maria Garvey, Senior eCommerce Merchandiser at SmartPak to learn:

  • What challenges SmartPak was facing before undergoing digital transformation

  • How a focus on intelligent search and ease-of-use led to an increase in conversion rate by 8% and transactions from search by 15%

  • Top tips from SmartPak for specialist retailers looking to beat the experience of online leaders like Amazon

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