Where is the digital experience headed next? - BloomReach

On the first day, the internet was created. Later on that first day, people put every bit of content they could online.

Publishing content has been an integral part of the web experience ever since, and managing how that content is added, shared, and stored has been a critical part – and occasional a thorn in the side – of enterprises ever since. Of course, as the web has rapidly evolved beyond simple static sites, and the number of digital touchpoints has risen, content management has had to evolve as well to solve the needs of the moment.

The first generation of content management systems (CMS), in the days of static HTML websites, was all about empowering businesses to instantly communicate the freshest content to their customers. This was the 90’s. Suddenly your customers had personal email accounts. You could talk to them in their living rooms and give them information instantly — and businesses were craving a way to do this efficiently. Enter CMS, which broke the traditional bottleneck that was occurring between creating new content and getting it out to your customers. This was when the core aspects of CMS became commonplace in the enterprise; workflow, audit trails, core versioning and library services emerged and the systems enabled individuals to quickly publish new content onto their sites.

But of course, digital business exploded — online shopping became the preferred method for many consumers and with the rise of the smartphone, your customer base was suddenly social, mobile and always connected. You weren’t talking to people simply sitting in front of a computer anymore — and companies needed solutions that wouldn’t just push content, but drive engagement. Next, second generation CMS emerged. New tools were designed to empower subject-matter experts to take control of the presentation layer and create a dynamic, multichannel web experience. The goal: Engage with customers on a far more personal level than the static websites of the past allowed.

Again, the digital experience has grown and, again, tools need to evolve to meet the needs of the next phase of digital. In the content space, this means we are in the third generation of content solutions — one that is focused on offering many relevant experiences to your visitors in a connected conversation that spans the entire customer lifecycle.

So how do we get there? By leveraging big data and intelligent algorithms to show the self-progressive paths real people are taking — beyond a prescribed customer journey. These constantly learning systems help your marketers deliver the most helpful content at the right point in each path. This backbone of AI-driven personalization enables the real people behind your business to understand the intent of your customers and deliver, at scale, a personal content experience across channels, devices, and business teams.

It’s time for the enterprise to move beyond prescriptive journeys and to help visitors in a way that’s just as flexible as their real lives are. On June 29th, at BloomReach Connect in London, we are pleased to showcase what we believe is the platform to do just that. BloomReach Experience takes the heart of Hippo’s open CMS, and infuses it with BloomReach’s leading machine learning intelligence, leveraging data to enable you to understand and connect with your customers, ultimately driving acquisitions, loyalty, and building digital empathy.

Join us June 29th in London for more about this exciting new phase of digital experience. Can’t wait to see you there.