Site speed isn't a sexy aspect of the customer experience. But it turns out, it's a place where a few seconds can cost you millions.

There is no faster way to drive a customer crazy than to offer up a website that runs slower than the security line at your favorite airport. Video: How to stand out with customer experience

But do you know who a slow website should really drive crazy? Enterprises that count on a creaky digital platform to deliver sales. Ann Ruckstuhl, of SOASTA, says that seconds mean dollars — big bucks, in fact — in the digital world. Site performance isn’t the sexiest aspect of the customer experience. But Ruckstuhl, CMO of the Silicon Valley company that measures and improves digital performance, can drop some numbers on you that are bound to get your attention. We caught up with Ruckstuhl at Shop.org, where she ran down some specific stats, including the math on Walmart’s $250 million site-speed revelation.

This is the second in a series of videos with thought leaders who attended the Shop.org Retail’s Digital Summit in Dallas. Stayed tuned for more in the series. Mike Cassidy is BloomReach’s storyteller. Contact him at mike.cassidy@bloomreach.com; follow him on Twitter at @mikecassidy.