Welcome to the inaugural class of BloomReach University, Video Campus. Over the next several weeks, we'll be posting short videos (hey, you can watch them in line at the grocery store), featuring thought leaders in retail, e-commerce and digital marketing, who will provide their takes on key trends and challenges in the industries they follow. No need to take notes. (You can just replay the video.) But there will be a quiz. OK, there won't. First up is Patricia Waldron, director of global retail solutions for IBM, talking about the era of cognitive computing and how that's changing retail. She'll also touch on ways in which the ability to gather, analyze and quickly act on data — on clicks, on foot traffic and on how consumers react to marketing appeals — is changing the way the game is played. Mike Cassidy is BloomReach's storyteller. Contact him at mike.cassidy@bloomreach.com; follow him on Twitter at @mikecassidy.