is the new bacon. Blade is the new Uber. And Monday is the new Sunday. Wait. What? Now that we’ve passed the midway point of Datacember, one thing seems crystal clear: Holiday shopping is different from normal shopping. And between well-publicized, weekday doorbusters and the Thanksgiving holiday, it stands to reason that our shopping habits on particular days of the week would shift. So, we set out to see just how much change there is in traffic, engagement and conversions by day of the week and found that Monday is indeed the new Sunday. We pulled data across a number of sites for the period from June through October and compared it with Veterans Day through Tuesday to see how the days of the week perform differently. First, let’s look at traffic. This graph shows the percent of weekly traffic that occurred on each day of the week — for the pre-holiday season as well as for the holiday season. day of week - visits Not huge shifts on most days with the exception of Monday, which sees a pretty large increase in its share of holiday season traffic. Makes sense, right? Manic Monday . Cyber Monday. Green Monday . The buzz from those days is clearly driving traffic...or we’re so busy in the malls and weekend holiday parties that we’ve got to make up lost ground on Monday (or Monday night). Now let’s look at product views, which we can think of as a measure of engagement. After all, more product views show that we’re browsing deeper into the site. day of week - product views Here we see more of a Sunday/Monday shift. The holiday bump on Monday is likely the same as we see in visits. But, the pre-holiday Sunday number is higher than the same day’s share of visits, which I suspect means that Sunday is a day when online shoppers typically have more time to browse. Ok, let’s get to the good stuff...conversions. day of week - conversions Wow. That’s quite a shift. Sunday and Monday essentially flip places as the big day of the e-commerce week. Could be that our time online on Sunday is browsing with the intent to purchase Monday (when, as we covered Tuesday , there’s often a sale). Or perhaps Sunday traffic is more omnichannel, with that little computer in your pocket helping you find the store, hunt for gift ideas and price compare. That all seems logical, but what about Wednesday? Try as a I might, I can’t quite figure this one out. The humpday bump is real, but may be best explained by human nature — that panicky feeling gift givers get in the middle of a hectic week? Whatever the cause, it’s something to keep in mind as promotions and email campaigns are put in motion, particularly when we look at conversion rate by day. day of week - conversion rate Obviously, conversion rates are up across the board for the holidays compared to “normal” days. Well, Sunday is just barely up. But again Monday and Wednesday pop as days when shoppers seem particularly likely to convert. So it does appear there’s something to Monday being the new bacon Sunday. But the bigger question I’d pose to Datacember readers is...what’s up with Wednesday? Check out other #Datacember posts . Want to ensure you don’t miss any of the #Datacember posts? Preregister now to receive the #Datacember e-book, a compilation of all of our data-driven posts from this month. Plus some bonus features!