Why BloomReach? Yes, they have all the fun perks of a Silicon Valley startup: ping-pong table in office – check; unlimited time off – check; catered lunches several times a week – check. But I had already chosen BloomReach before I knew those things. I chose to join BloomReach today because they offer more than an incomparable solution. I chose BloomReach because, at the heart of their business, they have deeply-ingrained core values. meredith My first interaction with BloomReach occurred when I came across their job posting on LinkedIn. I clicked through to their website and started reading their story. At first glance, it looked like I’d found a typical Silicon Valley startup. The company was founded by a former Google scientist and a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Their website featured a zany picture of all their executives dressed up in silly costumes. But as I continued to look through the site, I came across a page that really grabbed my attention: “Culture & Values.” Having read quite a few company values pages, I came to expect that many sounded the same: smart people, innovation, expertise, creativity. Similar sounding values were either listed or strung together in a sentence that had a lot of words, but very little meaning. BloomReach’s values page was different. For starters, it looked like they had given it some serious thought. They weren’t just doing it to check off a box. Moreover, their values were humble and simple. They didn’t use buzz words or have the fancy up-speak of a college freshman’s resume. rockstar-executives As I read through the values, part of me was skeptical. They hit a little too “right-on-the-nose” for me and addressed a lot of the issues that I had seen deter progress and great ideas in the workplace. On the other hand, it also felt as though the values were written by the employees for the employees, not as an additional piece of propaganda the company could use to promote its services. Excited, but still hesitant, I set up some time to talk with someone who worked at the company so I could find out more. “They are absolutely true.” It was encouraging that the company values would be affirmed in my first conversation with a BloomReacher. In fact, after the obligatory overview of what BloomReach does, the employee I’d contacted couldn’t wait to fill me in on the best thing about working there – the company’s values. She said they aren’t just aren’t words on a page; they are the heartbeat of the organization. After hanging up the phone, I was sold. This was the company for me. BloomReach’s values came up repeatedly as the interview process went on and I spoke with more and more people. Best of all, they didn’t just come up in conversations; the values were evidenced by the words and actions of every person and throughout every step of the interview process. I chose BloomReach because their values aren’t just a well-written page on a website. Their values – truth, we, own, think, no drama – make up the heart of every employee and every aspect of the BloomReach organization and I’m happy to be a part of it.