Hey, if you didn’t like change you wouldn’t have gotten into the SEO field in the first place, right? I mean, OK, there can be a little bit too much of a good thing when change comes so fast that it nearly leaves you dizzy. But no need to be dizzy. There is plenty you can do to keep up in the ever-changing world of search engine optimization, say Shawna Hausman, of giggle, and BloomReach’s own Will Uppington. Hausman, VP of e-commerce and digital marketing at the baby goods retailer, and Uppington, head of customer success and general manager of organic search, will present a new way forward for SEO professionals at the Shop.org Summit 2014 in Seattle next week. ShawnaHausman “This is really going to give you all the tips and tricks of really building a solid SEO strategic plan -- everything from the fundamentals to super-cutting-edge practices that are just being developed right now,” Hausman says of Monday’s presentation titled, “The SEO Landscape is Shifting, Use New Strategies to Keep Up.” The Summit, which runs from Monday through Wednesday, is Shop.org’s biggest event, bringing more than 5,000 digital retailers together in Seattle. They’ll spend three days discussing best practices and sharing innovative strategies on issues including mobile commerce, integrating in-store and online experiences and trends in fulfillment. The agenda is an acknowledgement that the rapid evolution of technology has provided retailers with tremendous challenges and tremendous opportunities across a wide range of their operations. SEO is no exception. SEO has become a tougher game in recent years with product listing ads and images gobbling up valuable real estate on Web pages and search engines upholding high quality standards for content while restricting the amount of information they share about queries. "It's gotten a lot more complicated,’’ Uppington says. “It's gotten a lot more challenging. Yeah, there are answers out there. The answers are: Use different metrics. Use new sources of data and focus on the fundamentals of improving your content and user experience." Like so much in life, one key to success is focusing on the fundamentals: Do you have high-quality content that is crawlable? Are your pages properly linked? Does your navigation lead to all your pages? Will-Uppington But also like so much in life, the fundamentals are only the start. Have you come up with the right metrics to measure your SEO success? Are you thinking beyond page rankings, revenue and traffic? You should be and Uppington and Hausman will explain why and offer suggestions as to how to measure SEO improvement and success. Hausman, who worked at furniture retailer West Elm before moving to giggle, says she also plans to offer her perspective on how enterprises of different sizes have distinctly different needs. Big enterprises have big SEO teams, but it can be hard sometimes to move initiatives through the various layers of management. Smaller outfits tend to have less red tape, but also less of a safety net under those who are working to hone a site’s SEO. “How do you carve out the time,” she says, “to dedicate to something you know is important, but 12 other things are coming at you?” No, it’s not easy, but you knew that didn’t you? Of course you did. You’re an SEO professional. You didn’t sign up for easy. Cover photo of shopping mall by Charlie Brewer published under Creative Commons license. Photo of Shawna Hausman courtesy of giggle; photo of Will Uppington courtesy of BloomReach. Mike Cassidy is BloomReach's storyteller. Contact him at mike.cassidy@bloomreach.com; follow him on Twitter at @mikecassidy.