It’s been a whirlwind year at Hippo. Two years ago, though we were a leading CMS vendor in the Benelux. Flash forward to 2014, and we’re growing at lightning speed around the globe.

We’ve signed major clients including Hitachi Capital, Randstad, Weleda, 1&1 Internet and Bugaboo and our international partner base has doubled. With first quarter subscription bookings up 91% compared to Q1 2013, this has been the most successful quarter in the company’s history. The numbers show it and the energy in the office is noticeable: we’re at a tipping point. If you’re in sales, this is the atmosphere you thrive in. There’s space to be a hunter, and your efforts make a difference. You’re helping build a business. And the momentum you’re a part of means you’re on a winning team. 

So why join us now?

When friends and colleagues ask me what makes working at Hippo so special at this time, it’s this rapid acceleration that I mention first and foremost. Here are a few of the things that make a sales job at a growing company so exciting.

We’re going international 

Besides steady growth in the Benelux, through partners and direct business, we’re expanding rapidly in Germany, UK and France. Working in sales, you’re often going to find yourself on a plane to Stockholm or a train to Paris, on your way to pitch some of the most recognizable enterprises in the world. Beyond knowing how to position the company and product, you've got to understand the nuances of doing business internationally. Know cultural differences, and adapt to them at the right time, in the right way.

We’re working with major clients and partners

A rapidly expanding company like Hippo is constantly closing deals and signing partnerships that are taking its business to the next level. You’re creating and developing those contacts. You’re collaborating with leading IT and digital agencies throughout Europe and the US, expanding our network and yours. 


We’re growing, but we’re tight knit

You’ll know the sales team well, and have plenty of opportunities to learn from your colleagues. You’ll be mentored, but you won’t have your hand held.  You’ll have the space to demonstrate your skills in a fast-paced and demanding environment, and carve out a space for yourself on a team expected to triple in size in the coming years.  Creativity and initiative are rewarded. A 9 to 5 attitude, on the other hand, won’t get you very far with us. 


We’re working closely with other departments

You’ll travel extensively, but you won’t be confined to your desk when you’re back at our headquarters in central Amsterdam. You’ll be a strategic and outside -the-box thinker, working with R&D, Consultants, Professional Services and Marketing. You’ll serve as a central point of contact between company departments, clients and partners. 

We’re going to give you responsibility

We’re looking for professionals on top of their game who can work in a demanding though informal environment. We’ll need you to be quick on your feet, and know when to strike. Your work will contribute to the team’s direction, and you’ll have space to speak your mind.  You’ll have a lot of responsibility quickly, but the payoff is great: you’ll never be just a number.

Want to work at a growing company in the enterprise content management and customer experience space? Think you’ve got what it takes? We’re hiring.