Today, I decided to join the Hackaton session. I will say right away, I didn’t think this through. I got lured in by the prospect of helping build a website in a day and I thought “hey that’s great, I can find pictures for the guys and write copy”. I even topped up my stock-image credits. So here I now sit, 16 developers around me and I am blogging. One of the guys has even taken his shoes off.

After our CTO, Arje Cahn, explained the concept behind this new agile implementation method that we are showcasing today, he put up a list of JIRA issues. Then everybody got coffee. And now they are all hacking away. I am intimidated. Nobody asked “What next?” or “Who does what?” - they are just getting right in there, working through one task after another. Sure, there is talking amongst them in small teams, but to be frank that sounds mostly like gibberish to me.

If this was a marketing team, we would start talking about the purpose of the website, spend a good two hours looking for visuals, throw taglines at each other, come up with fun analogies and set up some KPIs.

But all joking aside, today is Hippo Friday. Hippo Friday means, the entire company comes together and works on cool stuff. It’s a pretty neat concept and some of our most ingenious ideas stem from these power days. Hippo Friday keeps the company connected, because at least once a month, every consultant, ever sales guy is physically in the office. I think Hippo Friday plays a vital role in our company culture and is one of the pillars that keep Hippo fresh and the folks working here engaged and creative.

I think I’ll get the guys some coffee now….