Dear CMOs and CIOs, Yes, you’ve heard it repeatedly these last few years: as big data and creating customer experiences become business critical, you have to start getting along and communicating.

With the high risk of messages between you two getting lost in translation, we’d like to offer you some tips for improving your chances. 


1.  Show genuine interest in each other. In Dale Carnegie’s words: “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

2.  Create a cross-functional team to build trust and ensure mutual understanding.

3.  Identify a Chief Content Officer - a singular person (or group of people) in charge of creating digital content and contextual experiences for customers across every channel. By their very nature they are driven by technology. 

4.  Set common and aligned goals based on the understanding of exactly what data is needed and how it can be accessed 

5.  Choose easy to use tools. The marketing team should be able to launch new channels, gather insight about the way in which content resonates with consumers, and optimizing content to users in real-time without the assistance of the technology team. 

Ultimately CXM will be known as a team sport and the organizations that will win championships will be the ones whose CMO and CIO get collaboration right. On Tuesday March 25th, Robert Rose, Senior Analyst at the Digital Clarity Group will look at  three things businesses should start doing:  ‘ Developing a Customer Experience Blueprint’ ; ‘ Shifting roles: Inspiration from Technology and Nuts and Bolts Marketing processes’ and ‘Asking meaningful questions of Data for shared purpose’.  The webinar is from 5:00 to 6:00 pm CET – you’re invited to join us.  


Thinking of ‘a journey of a thousand miles starts begins with a single step’: it’s not too late yet to get a Valentine’s card.  And if the international day of love is just not your cup of tea, know than that Random Acts of Kindness Week also starts today. Which leaves you absolutely no excuse not to show your counterpart some heart.