In my experience as a son and husband, I can tell you with some certainty that Moms hate surprises. But if by chance you are a mother who wants to be surprised on Mother's Day, don't read any further. Our analysis of searches to ecommerce sites reveals what you're likely to be unwrapping Sunday. mothers day ecommerce searches Doing this research project a few things jumped out at me. First off, there are some really sweet sentiments revealed by the jewelry searches. They show a strong desire to make the gift personalized either as a charm, birthstone or matching mother and child set. Good thinking. Mom will love that. Second...many of you have no idea what to get for your mothers (we'll call this subset of shoppers "men"). When you add up "gift for a new mother", "mothers day gift ideas" and "mothers day sales" you get 28% of you who are hoping the web will come to their rescue with a thoughtful present. Not a bad way to go, but come on guys...can't you think of anything? And finally to the bad gifts at the bottom of our infographic. "Mothers day duct tape"?!?! Cheap, breakable necklaces?!?! "Mother daughter belly button rings"?!?! These scare me. Trust me, just get her flowers...and then consider therapy.