Why DXP?

The digital ecosystem is the battleground for competitive business advantage.

Time spent online is rising; attention spans are dropping; digital channels are proliferating and customer expectations for engaging digital interactions are more complex than ever. This places brand loyalty and customer lifetime value at an all-time premium. A standout digital experience is now a strategic imperative in every industry.

Businesses are facing a fundamental digital transformation and a proliferation of digital strategies, services and metrics. The customer experience has shattered into a series of one-off customer interactions. Digital teams can’t leverage cross-channel analytics to build a complete understanding of each unique customer. Digital businesses become paralyzed. The result: diminished engagement, retention and loyalty and a higher cost of acquiring customers who must be won — again and again.

The BloomReach Digital Experience Platform creates experiences that exceed visitor expectations. Built on a rich open-source heritage and powerful AI technology, BloomReach’s open and intelligent platform matches consumer intent with digital content based on a deep understanding of both. The result is an end to siloed marketing, the delivery of the best digital experiences for each individual and long-term success for the enterprise.

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We chose this solution because we wanted something that would last us for the next 20 years.

Norm Dwyer, State of Montana

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What sets BloomReach apart?

The BloomReach DXP creates experiences that delight visitors and drive measurable business results.

Open Source

Praised by developers and easy to work with.

AI Driven

Smart technology that's constantly improving.


Best-in-class PaaS for unprecedented digital agility.