BloomReach DXP is an open and intelligent platform that businesses and brands can use to build, personalize, test and optimize their digital experiences.

Made for you and your visitors.

The BloomReach DXP helps businesses identify their users' needs and create the right digital experience for them in real time, regardless of channel or device, incorporating content marketing, search, merchandising and SEO.

In-depth visitor analytics and testing tools put actionable user insights into the hands of marketers, content authors and digital merchandisers to curate those digital experiences.

What's under the hood:

Here's how the BloomReach Digital Experience Platform combines best-in-class technology to deliver real results.

Powerful, open-source-based content management platform


Built-in machine-learning algorithms & proprietary data sets

Advanced content targeting, testing and analytics

Open & Intelligent

The BloomReach DXP enables brands to build highly converting, consistent, contextual digital experiences and innovate on them at hyperspeed, collaborating in a single platform across the entire digital organization.

The openness of the platform means it’s easy to innovate quickly and extend across every consumer touchpoints.

The embedded intelligence in the platform offers the power of AI to automate tasks, personalize consumer interactions and provide insights to marketers.

All of which results in businesses being able to achieve their digital goals: more revenue, more relevance, stronger brand awareness and higher lifetime value.

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Digital experiences are fundamentally an economic imperative.

Raj de Datta, BloomReach

What sets BloomReach apart?

The BloomReach DXP creates experiences that delight visitors and drive measurable business results.