A set of flexible, scalable pieces of infrastructure to help you iterate and innovate faster.

BloomReach Personalization uses advanced machine learning principles on a large data set of user behavior, making it possible to start optimizing digital experiences to visitors from the first day of implementation.

BloomReach Experience integrates cleanly within the enterprise digital ecosystem, its API-first architecture allowing for low customization requirements, and its automated deployment and testing frameworks ensure that businesses can build and deploy quickly.

Created with developers in mind, it’s built on a standardized Java stack and uses standardized templating technologies (Freemaker, JSP), allowing you to build custom components freely using Java or scripting technologies to create your own integrations. Continuous integration principles are at the heart of the product, with its flexible development framework, automated deployment and testing processes, and REST APIs for seamless integrations and cross-platform builds. 

And all of it is availabe as our best-in-class PaaS offering: BloomReach Cloud.

Bloomreach architecture