A Modular CMS to Build Fast

Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM) is one part of the Bloomreach Experience platform. It's an open and flexible CMS, designed for marketers and developers, that allows you to integrate with the systems you need to drive results.

A Modular CMS **to Build Fast

Designed for Teams
to Work Effectively

Designed for Teams to Work Effectively

Designed for Teams **to Work Effectively

Content Delivery

Marketers can create content and publish it instantly to web, mobile, in-store and beyond from one visual interface without IT help.


Profile and segment visitors. Target each of those segments with different content blocks for fine-grained personalization.

Projects and Campaigns

Execute full campaigns, including new landing pages, without publishing to the live site until you are ready to launch.


Determine the overall effectiveness of your content and find specific areas for improvement, both for content creation and targeting.

A/B Testing

Test your predictions against specific goals with audience and channel specific A/B and multivariate testing.

Multi Team Support

Enable better teamwork between marketing and Dev/ IT and manage multiple sites independently with multi team support.

GrandVision created a unified customer experience online with one platform as the central engine for every digital touchpoint.

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Combining content and commerce

Choose How You Want to Deliver Content

Keep your existing powerful architecture and avoid the additional costs of changing your current system.

Every site has different needs. brXM offers the full spectrum of delivery, from "owning the glass" to headless delivery, and anything in between. For even more flexibility Bloomreach offers a hybrid approach where you can pick and choose various delivery models for different parts of the site.

Choose **How You Want to Deliver Content


Headless, or Content as a Service is known for the freedom, flexibility and speed it provides when developing rich digital experiences. It is a back-end only system that delivers content over APIs. But the freedom offered for development comes at a price for marketers who have limited content editing features.

SPA Support

Experience as a Service is a unique solution to please both marketers and developers. The platform can be built headless but appears to end users as traditional. This means you can integrate SPAs with the CMS and enjoy features such as integrated CMS preview, drag & drop and in-context editing.

Partial Page Rendering

Unlike Headless and Experience as a Service, content is not delivered via APIs. Instead brXM delivers HTML fragments. This model is most useful if you're looking for a fast way to integrate with an existing eCommerce system.


Native delivery, or "owning the glass", means brXM would fully power your site or app. This is best for you if you are replatforming an existing CMS or working with a headless commerce system that needs a frontend.

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Keep Your Existing Architecture

Stay lean and only deploy the pieces you need. Rather than trying to be a solution for everything, brXM is designed to be the web content management piece that will fit into your existing puzzle.

An open, microservices-based platform makes it simple to integrate with leading enterprise tools like Digital Asset Management (DAM), Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Commerce systems.

brXM offers a Java-based microservices architecture. Every component is extensible and every feature can be exposed to other systems. Its open source nature guarantees stability and gives you the power to tweak the code to your business.

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Cloud Infrastructure to Drive Performance

brXM delivers outstanding performance, reliability and security. The platform makes global rollouts in a matter of a few clicks and leverages CDNs to further accelerate your digital delivery. Its hyper-efficient architecture means you will spend less on hosting even the most trafficked websites.

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Cloud Infrastructure **to Drive Performance

Research and Insights

Bloomreach Recognized in 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management

Read the report to learn about the strengths of the top WCM vendors (including Bloomreach) according to Gartner and how you can incorporate them into your digital enterprise.

Analyst Report

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Tech Paper

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