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Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM)

The open and flexible CMS built to drive results fast.

Drive Results Quickly

Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM) is an open and flexible CMS designed for developers and marketers. As the original headless CMS, brXM allows developers to build quickly and integrate with the systems. While it’s built for speed, it also provides top notch personalization and channel management capabilities for marketers to drive results. 

Gain Flexibility with Headless

Control Every Touchpoint

From the smallest screen in your house, to the biggest screen in the stadium, to no screen at all, brXM supports both creation and control of any channel your content touches.

Single Page Applications with Marketers in Mind

brXM offers the best of both worlds for developers and marketers. Integrate SPAs with the CMS and enjoy features such as integrated CMS preview, drag & drop and in-context editing.

Customizable REST APIs

Go beyond standard pre-built connectors of Software-as-a-Service CMS. Leverage the tools and data you already have, as well as connecting any future technology investments.

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Scale to 50M visits in the Cloud

Highly Scalable Architecture

PaaS is designed around highly scalable architectures. Add capacity in minutes on demand, with just a few clicks, to accomodate peak traffic times or large event-driven customer demand.

Zero-Downtime Deployment

Deploy changes with no disruption to business. brXM has no single point of failure and the ability to transparently add or remove cluster nodes geared towards a high performance delivery environment.

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Personalize the Experience for Every Visitor

Omnichannel Personalization

Personalize every content component across touchpoints like desktop, mobile, and even headless use cases such as single page applications (SPAs) and connected devices.

Dynamic Targeting

Combine customer data with the context of the moment. Interactions can be dynamically improved based on device, location, product inventory, CRM data, search times, and even the weather.

Privacy by Design

brXM contains out-of-the-box features to support privacy and compliance standards, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Works with Your Favorite Tools

In order for you to easily work with our Bloomreach Experience Managers (brXM), we made sure to choose the right programming language: Java. A Java CMS gives you a rich and powerful tool to develop the web content you need to create.
In all layers of its architecture, open and extensible APIs are available for integrating brXM into your existing application architecture.

Learn From the Best - Our Customers

Bosch unified their various systems and technologies to scale features and functionalities globally.

  • One global CMS to build features at a global and regional level
  • Personalized by region, country and language

NHS Digital built a platform that automatically surfaces the right content to the user.

  • Personalized content based on user's preferences and behavior
  • One platform to unite 100s of data sources and systems

HellermannTyton leverages data and personalization to drive its digital strategy.

  • Increased website visitors, search requests and conversions
  • Personalized content displayed for visitors and customers
  • Created an active knowledge management system