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Apple Mail Segmentation

Have segmentations ready to aid you in reporting, and targeting. On top of that, learn from a campaign report with metrics separated by Apple Mail / non-Apple Mail subscribers, to show you more precise open rates, click-through rates, and spam complaint rates, both total and unique.



Get an in-depth understanding of your email audience after being influenced by Apple Mail Privacy Protection. Segment your customers into reliable groups to distinguish “real” and “fake” open rates your campaigns might generate. These segmentations will aid you in both reporting and targeting of your campaigns.

“The email open rate is “not dead”. As Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) for iOS15 has been ruled out, we have tackled the challenge accordingly, since Apple devices accounted for approximately 52 % of all email opens. Open rates in your email campaigns will not show any fake increase and will likely be much more reliable.”

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