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Watchdog Automatic Price Drop Alert on Cart Updates

This Use Case is designed to recover abandoned carts by automatically notifying customers via email when the price of an item in their cart drops. A personalized email message can incentivize them to complete their purchase, helping you recover lost sales opportunities and boosting your revenue. At the same time, your customers will feel they're getting the best deal when shopping with you, improving their brand loyalty!










Cart abandonment is a common problem in e-commerce, with many customers adding products to their cart but failing to complete the purchase. High shipping costs or second-guessing the purchase make you miss out on the sale. But what if you could turn abandoned carts into completed purchases? Automatically notifying your customers whenever the prices of those products drop can be precisely what tips the scales and pushes them to complete the purchase!

“Around 75% of customers who abandon their carts intend to complete their purchase later. At the same time, customers who receive a price drop alert are twice as likely to purchase the product as customers who don't.”

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