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‘Text to Join’ SMS Subscription

Effortlessly connect with your audience through our 'Text to Join' SMS campaign! Have them send a 'Join' message to your designated number, and voila! They're now subscribed to your communication. You can also create similar scenarios if they want to unsubscribe, get help, or make a mistake in their 'Join' text. All is possible with our scenarios and 2-Way Messaging and Keywords Auto Responses feature. Take your marketing to the next level and see your subscriber list skyrocket with this Use Case!







With so much information, getting new subscribers to your communication can be challenging. Keeping the sign-up process straightforward is crucial so you do not lose your shopper's attention. In this Use Case, you send an SMS invite to subscribe with just one click. This will catch your customer's attention and keep the subscription journey quick and easy while providing a unique customer experience missing in your competitors' communication.

“Reach your audience where they want to be reached! Data says that 75% of individuals under 44 prefer text communication with businesses. Give them the option they prefer and watch engagement soar. ”

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