Send Less Email, Drive More Revenue

We realize that might be counterintuitive. But when you can personalize the content, cadence, and timing of every email for every customer, you only need to send the ones that matter.

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An ESP That Puts the Customer First

Bloomreach helps you understand your customers and create better emails, so your campaigns feel personal and convert more.

Deeply Know Your Audience

Our built-in customer data engine translates every known and anonymous interaction into a user profile, so you can trigger emails from any event, customer property, action, or predicted behavior. If you can dream it, you can build it.

Build Better Emails

Bring your email expertise to a tool that lets you do it all without relying on IT: drag-and-drop editor, journey builder, dynamic content, product recommendations, Loomi content generation, data exploration, and custom reporting.

99% Inbox Placement Club

We help major companies achieve 99% inbox placement rates with our hands-on deliverability support, IP warm-up services, dynamic frequency policy, and GDPR compliance. Join the club.

850+ Brands Go Beyond Their Goals With Bloomreach

Benefit Cosmetics, logo


higher revenue from emails with a segmented, customer-insights driven strategy to send less

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See Case Study
River Island, logo


increase in revenue per email despite a 22.5% decrease in email send volume

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See Case Study
Unisport, logo


in 2020 vs 2019, and +85% in 2021

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See Case Study
L'Azurde, logo


inbox placement rate with 20X more email reach

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Missguided, logo


fewer email sends with improved engagement and clickthrough rate

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Proffsmagasinet, logo


higher conversion rate while sending 33% fewer emails

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Build a Healthy Email Base

Grow your subscriber base with prebuilt sign-up units and keep it healthy with built-in preference centers, consent management, and list validation services. Use customizable data-collection banners to gather additional preferences and information to make your emails more personal.

Build Better Emails in Seconds

Easily create, test, and preview emails with our visual builder. Drop in product recommendations, add personalization elements, and set conditional blocks to selectively display content to custom audiences. Drive value quickly with pre-built templates and automations based on high-converting campaigns.

Put the Customer First With Smarter Segmentation

Create campaigns rooted in customer behavior and insights with visual data exploration tools built for marketers. Use profile properties, computed attributes, behavioral triggers, or any desired metric to map your audience to the right campaign. Keep your segments updated in real time, even during peak times like Black Friday.

Leverage AI for Emails Personalized to Every Customer

Send emails that feel personal, not intrusive. Loomi, our AI, can tailor your messages to every individual. Product recommendations help scale your efforts with prebuilt templates and build-your-own models. Loomi content generation gives a little boost in creative productivity. Our send time optimization knows the best email engagement time for every customer, and predictions can determine which customers are best reached via email.

Stay Out of the Spam Folder

Stop turning people off by sending too many emails. Our deliverability and IP warm-up support has helped major companies achieve a 99% inbox placement rate. Plus, our strong history of GDPR/CCPA compliance and our smart frequency policy keeps your subscribers happy by selectively managing cadence based on customer engagement.

Accurately Prove Impact With Custom Reporting

Quickly analyze email performance with out-of-the-box dashboards. Email marketers can also build reports to track custom metrics, show revenue attribution, and prove the true impact of their campaigns with advanced customer analysis tools directly within the platform.

Get a Head Start on Powerful Email Campaigns

Capitalize on Bloomreach's expert knowledge, collected over years of working with top players on the market. In addition to structured trainings, best-practice workshops, and public documentation, email marketers can use prebuilt workflows and dashboards to customize and execute complex marketing campaigns within no time.

Enrich Your Campaigns With Built-In Integrations

Connect to various third‑party services through our built‑in integrations. Or use our API to enrich your data and ensure you have everything it takes to deliver highly personalized email campaigns.

Create Truly Personalized Email Variants With AI-Powered Contextual Personalization

Drive more conversions and higher engagement by displaying the perfect content variant for each customer. Unlike traditional A/B testing, contextual personalization uses AI to analyze every customer’s context, identifying the right message for each individual recipient for personalization that feels like magic.

Bloomreach’s Unique In-Memory Framework Architecture Is a Game Changer for Email Personalization

Thanks to Bloomreach, we now have a lot better tracking of how our emails behave.

We are sending a lot fewer emails, but with the higher engagement rate, we are increasing our sales.
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Simon Lofgren | Marketing Automation Specialist, Proffsmagasinet

Email Marketing FAQs

Common questions about email marketing

Bloomreach’s customer data engine is the data & analytics core that drives our email marketing and all other products. It brings together customer data platform capabilities and advanced analytics, and it’s this combination that enables marketers to understand their users’ journeys in real time and create personalized marketing campaigns that drive results. Learn more about how it works here.

When choosing an ESP, it's important to consider features such as user-friendly email design and editing tools, list management and segmentation capabilities, as well as automation and personalization options. You should also keep in mind the delivery and open rate metrics, integration with other tools, comprehensive analytics and reporting, and good customer support.

Bloomreach helps with healthy list growth in multiple ways. When you buy Bloomreach Engagement, you also get access to prebuilt sign-up units that can be customized to your brand and messaging (learn more here). To ensure that emails are delivered to subscribers' inboxes, it's important to follow best practices such as using a reputable ESP, avoiding spammy subject lines and content, segmenting and cleaning email lists, respecting each subscriber’s consent, and using double opt-in processes to confirm subscribers' interest. Our built-in consent management, preference center, best practice tools, and hands-on support helps companies to grow healthy lists and reach outstanding deliverability.

Personalizing email campaigns can be accomplished by using tools such as granular segmentation, AI-powered dynamic recommendations, predictive analytics (such as churn, next purchase, best channel, and more) and personalized messaging. Bloomreach offers various personalization options based on real-time customer data and behavior.

Yes, we do! Besides supporting both promotional and transactional emails within the same platform, we also enable businesses to personalize them.

To ensure that emails are mobile-friendly, you should use responsive design, optimize email images, use short subject lines, and use a single-column layout. Bloomreach allows you to easily design, personalize, preview, and A/B test emails with drag-and-drop editors. You can preview how your email will appear on over 50 clients, apps, and devices, and send test emails to make sure everything — including personalization — is correct before hitting send.

We have out-of-the-box connectors with Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magento, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, so you can be up and running in under two weeks. Learn more about our integrations.

Although we support some B2B companies, Bloomreach Engagement is better optimized for B2C companies and use cases.

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