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Find the ideal combination of channels to reach each of your customers


Email Marketing

Send emails that will appeal to each individual customer and let your brand stand out of the crowd

Boost Customer Satisfaction with Data‑Driven Emails

Personalize every aspect of your email communications. Use the full range of available customer data and transform it into a meaningful dialogue targeting segmented or individual audiences.

Become a Personal Advisor

Understand the personal taste of each individual customer and make their life easier, saving them time by delivering tailored selections of products right to their inboxes.

Don’t Let Your Emails Go Unnoticed with Optimal Send Time

Ensure that your emails are always at the top of your customers’ inboxes. Our machine learning technology will help you find the ideal time to send your email for every single customer to maximize the efficiency of your email campaigns.

Ensure the Highest Quality of Your Emails

Check the final appearance of your email before you hit the send button. The live preview feature enables you to test how your emails will look and feel with more than 50 email clients, apps, and devices.

Visualize How Your Customers Interact With Your Emails

Create better emails based on deep customer insights. Email Click Heatmaps create a fast and visual way to understand where your customers click in your emails. See what works and what doesn't, and constantly improve the content, layout, and conversion of your emails.


Don’t let your visitors forget about you. Bring them back to your website with retargeting and take your second chance

Retarget the Right Segments

Retargeting is easy if you know your audience. Using our full-scale data collected in the unified Single Customer View, you can easily build segments and display relevant ads along every step of the customer journey.

Enhance Retargeting with Machine Learning

Go beyond remarketing of products that your customer viewed. Let our technology personalize your retargeting campaigns with a unique selection of products that your customers are likely to purchase based on their browsing history. Supported integrations: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, AdForm DMP.

Optimize your Advertising Costs

Use predictive analytics to define the least valuable audiences for your retargeting campaigns. This will help you engage only the customers with the highest conversion potential, Which means higher conversion rates and more money for your marketing budget.

Mobile App Marketing

Continue the conversations with your customers wherever they go, using the channel that’s always in their pocket

Give Your Customers the Convenience of Connected Experiences

Be present where your customers are present. Let customers start their shopping on their desktop, then finish within their mobile app, or vice versa – without any friction.

Increase Conversions with Rich Push Notifications

A picture is worth a thousand words. Boost app usage and drive customer engagement with rich push notifications. The human brain processes visual information much faster than text. Rich push notifications let you send far more engaging messages.

Send Location and Time‑Relevant Messages

Connect geo‑location data with customer preferences and target them with personalized offers that not only suit their specific taste, but are also relevant to their location (e.g. discounts in their favorite nearby brick‑and‑mortar store).

Send Location and Time‑Relevant Messages

Use Mobile Insights to Stay Relevant Across Channels.

Use data collected through your mobile app to execute personalized campaigns across other channels. Communicate and promote products to your customers based on their activity (e.g. recommend the right products based on recently viewed items in the mobile app).

In-App Messaging

Reach Your Customers in Your Most Portable Store

A Full set of Capabilities to Grow Your Mobile App Engagement

Let Anyone Design Beautiful In‑App Messages

Use our visual editor and easily design professional‑looking in‑app messages that will help you engage your customers at the right moment. Use our built‑in templates and customize images, fonts, copy, buttons and more, in just a few minutes and without relying on technical resources. Then use built‑in A/B testing to find the best performing message design or easily add multiple language variants.

Don't Just Personalize - Be Relevant

Thanks to the unified single customer view of Exponea’s CDXP, you can use real‑time customer data collected through multiple touchpoints to personalize the content of your in‑app messages, based on a customer's recent behavior. This will enable you to display specific content to a specific customer segment at the most relevant time for each customer.

Predictive In‑App Messaging

Combine in‑app messaging with Predictions and create customer segments with the highest probability to complete certain actions, like making a purchase, churn, interact with an in‑app message, and more. Use these segments to boost your conversion by targeting only the customers with the highest likelihood of conversion.

Web Push

Connect with your customers and engage them whenever they are online

Make connections regardless of whether they are browsing your site at the time. Use real‑time customer data collected through all touchpoints and transform your push notifications into personalized messages that are hard to resist. 

SMS (Text) Marketing

Speak to the right customers, not the masses

Automate your SMS marketing and send personalized and highly‑targeted SMS campaigns by identifying the customer segments that are most likely to interact with your brand. Use SMS to reach your customers wherever they go.

Use All Customer Data in an SMS

Personalize the messages with the breadth of all customer data you have in the platform. Exercise full control over the length of the messages thanks to message previews and link shortening.

Get instant feedback from customers

Customers are 7-10 times more likely to interact with an SMS compared to email. Whether you want to know how satisfied customers are with their experience or you want to delight them with a loyalty reward, SMS ensures you get the message across.

Maintain a Healthy Audience

Giving your customers an easy way to opt-out with “stop” keywords is key to not being perceived as spammy. Plus, you can save costs by removing invalid numbers thanks to delivery reporting.

Integrations & Webhooks

Powerful Integrations & Webhooks

Connect to various 3rd‑party services through our built‑in integrations or use our API to enrich your data and ensure you have everything it takes to design highly personalized journeys your customers will love.

More on Integrations

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